The Memorial Bridge Lift Span is Removed

After much anticipation over the last few days, and an incredible amount of hard work that was put in by those involved – the Memorial Bridge lift span has been removed! It was amazing to see the number of people out all day long just watching with fascination.  Despite the cold weather, the piers and grounds at Prescott Park were packed all day long right through the actual removal of the lift span around 10:30pm. As soon as the bridge started to move on its Kittery side, the crowd erupted with cheers.  Be sure to check out the video for a feeling of the crowds awe!

2 thoughts on “The Memorial Bridge Lift Span is Removed

  1. This brings to mind a story that my kindergarden teacher (miss Pray at Haven School, near the end of her career in 1965) told my mother about how cold it was when she was a young woman. In the days before the bridge, when they used to rely on the ferry, the river sometimes froze over and she remembered walking to work from Kittery across the ice! Not only is it hard to imagine it ever got that cold, but can you imagine what an uproar there would today be if schools weren’t closed in such weather!

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