In the Garden


At Prescott Park

Prescott Park is a beautiful waterfront park that changes throughout the year as the trees bloom, as plays come and go from the main stage by the water, as the richly colored gardens take shape in the spring, and particularly this year as the Memorial Bridge gets deconstructed.  The park has been one of my favorite places to go and enjoy the salt air of the river and to think over the years.

As Night Sets In on the Piscataqua

The spring and summer months provide a spectacular view of the sunset from Portsmouth’s Decks.  It’s always a fun place to have dinner or a drink when the weather is warm, especially with a front row seat to the beautiful sunsets we enjoy during the summer.  I obviously love to shoot the dramatic sunsets, but I don’t as often take the time to capture a night shot once the sun has set.  This dusk time shot features a freighter in port in the distance, the tugboats, a hint of daylight on the horizon, the Memorial Bridge cranes and the Middle and Piscataqua River bridges.

Coastal Kittery

The view of Kittery from downtown Portsmouth provides a glimpse into waterfront living.  Kittery has a combination of working docks along its coastal waters as well as high end condominiums and homes. I love seeing the little lobster buoys and traps still along the coast, reminding us that the waterfront is still a vital working resource for all of us who live around it.

The Dock at Harbour Place

It’s quiet now, but the dock at Harbour Place on the waterfront of the Piscataqua can be host to some impressive boats during the warmer months.  I was walking around to scope out the latest updates on the deconstruction of the Memorial Bridge when I admired the lighting in the scene you see above.  The rich red brick against the wooden floorboardss were inviting, along with the depth conveyed in the shadows.  I love all of the hidden gem spots in Portsmouth.

Tugboats and Clouds on the Piscataqua

A simple and moody shot of the famed Tugboats and The Old Ferry Landing as seen from The River House’s deck.  I’m eagerly anticipating the warm weather’s return so that I can eat food outside and enjoy this gorgeous waterfront spot.

Demolition by The Bridge

The approach span to the Memorial Bridge stands now as rubble next to the former site of the Pier II Restaurant.  The North Tower can be seen without its counterweight in the distance.