The Gundalow and The Prison

Most of the time it’s about being in the right place at the right time.  Usually this means that I’m running around a coastline somewhere trying to get a great angle on a sunset/sunrise.  On this particular afternoon, it was a drive back from the beach with my wife…and luckily I was in the passenger seat, so I could grab my camera in just enough time to grab this image of the newly constructed Gundalow sailing past the Portsmouth Naval Prison.  Two icons from times gone by.  Given the scene, I thought a black and white processing would suit it well.

Sunrise At The Water

It’s always energizing to start the day with a glimpse of something naturally stunning.  With all the rain and moisture in the air recently, mornings are filled with fog and atmosphere, and the sun created a perfectly aligned column with the catamaran smack in the middle.

The Tower

On a foggy evening downtown, I decided to head towards the North Church to capture some of the lovely late day light and the spot lighting on the clock tower.  I’ve shot this place so many times I can’t possibly count, but wanted to try something new and take advantage of the telephoto lens I had with me for a change.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

One of my favorite landmarks in the Seacoast – Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse stands tall at the edge of Fort Constitution in New Castle.

Sanders Lobster Pound

I love the streets of the South End in the springtime.  The brick sidewalks and the trees adorning yards make for a very inviting stroll when everything is in bloom.