Sunset from The Decks

The Decks are a great way to spend an afternoon, whether you’re eating, drinking, catching up with old friends, or making new ones.  It just so happens that the location of the sunset adds another dynamic to the scene each sunny evening, setting in the west somewhere near the salt piles, the tugboats or the bridges in the distance.  When you happen to enjoy a spectacular sunset and a freighter is out in the river, it makes for the perfect scene.  No freighter in this shot – I missed it by about an hour, but the sunset from The Decks was phenomenal all the same.

The Gundalow

The recently built Gundalow sails in the Piscataqua River.  This authentic ship provides an opportunity to sail the Piscataqua River the same way that our ancestors did hundreds of years ago.  It’s important to pay homage to our roots in the seacoast – and incredible to see this beautiful craft making its way around the river.