The Gundalow

The Captain Edward H. Adams Gundalow of Portsmouth is docked in Prescott Park beneath a rich blue sky.  The reflections in the calmness of the Piscataqua add to the scene…and I would have loved to see a boat like this sailing up and down the Piscataqua back in the 1600s and 1700s.  I’ve been featuring sailing shots of the new Piscataqua Gundalow, and will be posting another shot of it in the Portsmouth Harbor later this week.

Skyscape After The Storm

After the thunderstorms ripped their way through the coast over the weekend, the sky cleared just enough to allow the day’s last light through the amazing cloudscape.  The natural colors in the sky were mesmerizing and it was fascinating to watch it all evolve as the sun finished setting.

Court Street Crosswalk

Portsmouth’s historic district is full of beautiful buildings and brick sidewalks. The yellow house on the right belongs to Strawbery Banke and has been repainted recently, bringing the exterior of the building to a nice crisp appearance at the corner of Court Street and Washington Street.

New York City | Lower Manhattan

New York City

I had the pleasure of going on a harbor cruise around Lower Manhattan this past weekend.  I loved the opportunity to see such a historic city that has seen incredible change since it was first settled, and dramatic change even in the past decade.  The Freedom Tower can be seen in the frame, illuminated for the evening with red, white and blue interior lighting, among the other massive structures of Lower Manhattan.

Harbour Place and The Memorial Bridge

Portsmouth, Memorial Bridge, Harbour Place

Portsmouth is full of hidden gem locations, and you never know what view might be lurking around the corner from some of the downtown spots.  Harbour Place and The Memorial Bridge of Portsmouth and Kittery can be seen from the roof deck of a nearby home along the waterfront on Bow Street. This view is a bit different these days…but the shipyard and the Naval Prison are still clearly visible in the background, with the Piscataqua River flowing through the frame.

The Red Door and The Window

I love the color of this waterfront structure and am always drawn to photograph it from across the water.  When the sun decided to come out after days of rain, I decided to head over to the South End for a bit of shooting.  I liked this shot when looking at it in the viewfinder, then when I got home and edited it – I realized there’s a smeared hand in the upper window – adding an entirely different element to the shot.