The Eyes Over The Marina

Sometimes nature has a funny way of making you pay attention.  This evening had an incredible sunset in the other direction – but the fiery eyes loomed large over the waterfront and I was mesmerized.

The Red Door and The Window

I love the color of this waterfront structure and am always drawn to photograph it from across the water.  When the sun decided to come out after days of rain, I decided to head over to the South End for a bit of shooting.  I liked this shot when looking at it in the viewfinder, then when I got home and edited it – I realized there’s a smeared hand in the upper window – adding an entirely different element to the shot.

Three Years at The Daily Portsmouth

Sometimes life gets so busy that you miss celebrating a milestone or an important date.

On June 1st, 2012, The Daily Portsmouth turned three years old.  Looking back, it’s been an amazing three years filled with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, crazy New England Weather, new clients, publications, opportunities, disappointments, gallery shows, friends, family, and new friends. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed visiting the site over the past three years, for your support and encouragement.  I’m looking forward to the years ahead!