Portsmouth Book & Bar

Another new addition to Portsmouth’s cultural scene is slated to open later this year.  Portsmouth Book & Bar will be a bookstore offering more than just books…in their own words:

“Amazon is convenient, we’re beautiful,” the booksellers wrote to the city. “We’ve taken a hard look at bookselling’s future. Great titles are not enough; pretty views are not enough; a good cup of coffee is not enough, so we’ve added beer, wine, and sophisticated snacks.”

I’m looking forward to seeing what the feel is like once they’re open – and to what it will bring to our downtown.

Ceres Bakery

One of my favorite lunch destinations and one of the most colorful scenes in downtown Portsmouth – Ceres Bakery and its richly painted building are situated on Penhallow Street near the federal building on Daniel Street.  Stop by and check it out sometime.

The Portsmouth Athenaeum

The Portsmouth Athenaeum is one of the older buildings in town, and is actually still in use as its original function – as a members library (originally incorporated in 1817). The building stands tall watching over Market Square, amidst the rhythm of brick buildings lining the popular destination.

The Pier at The Wequassett | Chatham | Cape Cod

I had a fantastic time in Cape Cod this past weekend.  The weather was gorgeous, the light was great, food fresh and delicious and the company was perfect. One of the evenings we were away, we visited Chatham and had dinner at The Wequassett resort…a stunning waterfront location with a great vista for cape light at sunset.  I can’t wait to go back to the Cape to explore more of the national seashore and find sand dunes and lighthouses.