Market Street View

After the sun retreats and before night sets in, there’s this magic time of day that photographers like to call the blue hour.  This particular evening, following a nice cloudy afternoon, the storefronts on Market Street were illuminating the sidewalk and the colors of the buildings complimented the rich blue evening sky in a way that I had to shoot.  A simple glimpse of an evening strolling down Market Street.

7 thoughts on “Market Street View

  1. This looks like a living Kincade portrait. The only difference is the era of clothes and vehicles. Love your stuff!

  2. I have fond memories of portsmouth. I was there between 1969-70. I was stationed in kittery aboard the U.S.S. THOR ARC-4. I was at the u.s.o. during moon landing. I also played at a night club across the u.s.o. on market st. I played with a band called johnny lane and the naked society. I bought my sax. next door to the church at a music store. I still have it , and i am still a musician. I am from corpus christi texas. I am 64 years old now, and I hope to some day return, god willing. I used to eat hot dogs next to the church on congress st. I believe with the white steeple. It was an old cabboose run by an old man called Gilly, I think. He had white hair. I was 20, or 21 years old.

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