The Atlantic Pearl from Penhallow Street


The Atlantic Pearl as seen from Penhallow Street.  I’ve always loved the imposing presence of a freighter next to the tugboats from this angle.  It fits right in with the scale of the multi-storied buildings surrounding it, and is a sight that’s probably not seen in many places around the country.  It’s always a reminder of where we live and how unique it is.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch merchant ships unloading centuries ago in this very spot.


5 thoughts on “The Atlantic Pearl from Penhallow Street

  1. Way awesome! I was walking down Penhallow Street this week and saw this sight. I immdiately hoped that you had as well and were able to capture it. Very nice!

  2. I live in Charleston, South Carolina, and own a sailboat that’s docked on the Cooper River near the big commercial shipping. It’s fun to look up the names of the freighters and find out more about them. Your Atlantic Pearl docked here in Charleston just a few days ago. What a wonderful surprise to find your photo and post about the beginning of its voyage; I usually never find more than just a terse couple of lines in someone’s shipping news. 🙂

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