Bow Street at Market Street

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it another thousand times.  The curve of the buildings along Bow Street is a beautiful thing, demonstrating the curve in the Piscataqua River as seen from land.  As captured in this image, Market Street and Bow Street are busy places, usually the most fun places to be during warmer weather – evidenced by the steady flow of pedestrians.  I loved the lighting and the summery mood in this image, and enjoyed seeing peoples’ reaction to the cars as they navigate the streets.  Portsmouth is great for people watching all times of year, but especially when the people start coming out of the woodwork in the spring months.

At Pirate's Cove in Rye

As the weather forecast calls for more “wintry mix” and March is just around the corner, it’s important to remember that summer will be back here in the seacoast someday.  It’s almost hard to imagine with all the snow and salty slush still on the ground that it ever gets warm enough to enjoy a dip in the ocean here in New Hampshire.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that more exciting weather and conditions are on their way, despite my love and appreciation for winter.  This shot was taken at sunset in Rye, New Hampshire at Pirate’s Cove beach.  No matter what the season, I always love visiting this little slice of oceanfront thanks to its accessibility, beauty, and horizon.

The Atlantic Pearl at Sunset


The Atlantic Pearl freighter sits docked and unloading beneath a memorable sunset over the Piscataqua River.  The pastel clouds and late day light graced the stern of the boat with an orange glow, reflected in the rippling water.  Click on this one to enjoy it at full size!

Silhouetted | Piscataqua River Bridge


Sometimes there’s not much you need to do with photography except be prepared when you’re in the right place at the right time.  This was taken on the same evening as the last image – featuring tall clouds over Portsmouth’s waterfront.  I had been so excited about the changing scene over Bow Street that I nearly missed turning around to enjoy this scene.

The Portsmouth Waterfront

The Portsmouth waterfront along Bow Street is a unique little spot in this world.  In the summertime, it is a lively and bustling place filled with restaurant patrons and good food & beverage, usually with a gorgeous waterfront sunset and a front row seat to industrial river traffic.

As seen from Maine, the waterfront is a more peaceful and distant place.  This was taken following an intense thunderstorm in the late afternoon, with towering clouds hovering over the city.  The Martingale Wharf can be seen mid-construction with its iron framing in plain site, after the original building was demolished.

The Fish Pier and The Bridge

Today features another shot from the South End of Portsmouth, this time from Mechanic Street looking towards the Fish Pier and the Peirce Island Bridge. The cloud formation above the power lines together with the ripples in the water in the foreground help frame out the scene.

South End Sunset

Without a cloud in the sky, I didn’t know what I’d find for sunset and I didn’t have any plan on where I’d be heading.  Before the light fully retreated for the day, my route took me through the waterfront along the South End and then to Peirce Island before a final stop at the Wentworth Mansion.  I love this part of town and any view from any angle usually captures its beauty, but like many others – I always find myself coming back to the bridge to Peirce Island.  We’re so ridiculously lucky to have so many resources so close to us, including the outdoor swimming pool in the summer and Four Tree Island for picnics and such, all within a short walk from town.

Unloading the Atlantic Progress


The Granite State Minerals pier is a busy place all winter long.  It seems that as soon as one boat is finished unloading its salt haul, enough trucks are loading up and heading out of town to make way for the next ship to arrive – often only a day or two after.  The Atlantic Progress sits docked at the terminal, working around the clock so that it can head back out to sea.


The Marina

The Great Cove Boat Club sits just beneath the I-95 bridge over the Piscataqua River.  It was freshly covered with plenty of snow in this panoramic image, and the muted sky and snow colors helped to make the scarce colors in the scene pop.  Be sure to click this one to see it large to fully appreciate the detail in the scene!