The Rising of The Memorial Bridge

This image is a bit dated already, as the reconstruction of the Memorial Bridge continues to go very swiftly.  The north span is now in place on the Kittery shorefront, and the towers continue to rise.  I’m excited to be able to walk the bridge this summer and to shoot the fully completed view from Prescott Park.

One thought on “The Rising of The Memorial Bridge

  1. mr cohen, thank you for all these pictures and memories. I had a question. I was in kittery ,at the sub base in 1969 for a short while. i would walk to the U.S.O. on market st. in portsmouth and back across a small bridge to Kittery, or so it seemed to me at the time. There was a sea food restaurant right up against it on the portsmouth side, which had its lobster traps out behind it in the river. Do you remember this bridge or have any pictures of it? I’ve asked around ,but no one knows anything about it as if it never existed . I’ve seen the bridge thats in your pictures and boy thats a long bridge and I never remember walking across a bridge that long, or ever remembering the river being that wide across portsmouth. Could you please let me know something. P.S. I recieved your e-mail a while back It was so gracious of you to have taken the time to send it .THANKS AGAIN!

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