The Bridges | Bridging the Piscataqua


I am very excited to be part of the upcoming show at the Discover Portsmouth Center in downtown Portsmouth -BRIDGING the PISCATAQUA.  The upcoming exhibit features the Piscataqua River’s 3 bridges in Portsmouth – all as pictured above.  The show will feature photographs (both new and old from the original construction of the Memorial), wood carvings, paintings, and more – all featuring the rich maritime history and the construction of the bridges.  Knowing the team at the Discover Portsmouth Center, the show will be amazing and well worth the visit!  They are located at 10 Middle Street, and the opening is on Thursday June 6th from 5:30pm – 8pm.

I will also have a signed print of one of my favorite images available in conjunction with a VIP ticket purchased to support the Discover Portsmouth Center – visit this link to learn more:

Colors of Sunset

Pinks, oranges and rich blues fill the sky as the sun sets over the Piscataqua River along Portsmouth’s waterfront.  Many things are paired up in the image, from the bridge towers of the Middle Bridge, the cranes at the salt piles, and two Moran Towing tugboats at the left side of the frame. Even the two puffy clouds at the top/middle of the frame are doubled up – and what I love about this shot is how the water’s reflections tie everything above.


Sailboat In New Castle

Once spring and the warmer weather arrives each year, I always feel more drawn to being out on the water.  On a particularly foggy afternoon, I went for a drive around the seacoast to explore some photo opportunities.  As soon as I saw this sailboat at rest along with a few others off the road in New Castle, I had to stop.

Sunset Over The South End

If you’ve been following my photos and travels over the past few years, you know that I adore Peirce Island and the boat ramp that aims towards the historic homes lining the waterfront on the South End. Today’s image is no exception, a gift from one of the late afternoons I decided to stop by to see what the skies had in store.


In Bloom at Prescott Park

The springtime colors continue to flourish around the city.  These trees lining a walkway through Prescott Park are in full bloom, accentuated by the green grass and the overcast skies above. I’m always amazed at the opportunities around the city to sit and take in the many views – both historic and natural.

Portsmouth's Gardens | The Moffatt Ladd House

One of the largest and most beautiful stretches of green space in Portsmouth is quietly tucked behind the Moffatt Ladd House on Market Street.  The first time that I saw this lush garden – it really struck me at how long and expansive the historic lot was – since I’d only really seen the main historic building and carriage house from the streetfront.  Buildings on The Hill can be seen at the upper left corner while the Piscataqua River Bridge can be seen off in the distance at top right.

Downtown Rooflines

The Memorial Bridge stands tall above the rooflines of downtown Portsmouth.  This shot, from the balcony of 100 Market Street, highlights a variety of buildings – both new and old – and some perspective on one of the hot topics in town these days (building heights). St. John’s Church tower also stands tall in the frame with its instantly identifiable yellow and green colors.


Dawn at Fort Foster

The New England coastline is a thing of beauty.  This image is from the Maine coast at Fort Foster and was taken just as the day’s first light crept over the horizon, illuminating the wispy clouds and Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.

The Harbour Feature in Portsmouth

Over the years I’ve enjoyed trying new things with photography, as technology now provides an incredible amount of opportunities to refine the raw product of a photo.  Lately I find myself more drawn to the cleaner look and feel of the natural environments in an image, partly due to the colors and tones in the sky at sunset and the appearance of water.

In this particular shot, the Harbour Feature is docked at the State Pier after colliding with the Sarah Long Bridge.  In just a few more weeks, the bridge should be operational following millions in repairs.