Memorial Bridge Opening 2013

The new Memorial Bridge was opened to the public with great fanfare on August 8, 2013.  It was rejuvenating to see so many members of the community come together to celebrate an achievement that will benefit so many people.  It was a truly memorable event, and when the presentations were finished and the ribbon cut by the legendary Eileen Foley, pedestrians and cyclists were able to enjoy strolling around the bridge before any vehicles had a chance to take to the new roads.  The structure is very impressive from afar, yet streamlined and surprisingly enjoyable to walk along.  I’m looking forward to many sunrises and sunsets from the inviting sidewalks and bump outs along the sides of the fresh pavement.

One thought on “Memorial Bridge Opening 2013

  1. I was not able to go over the bridge until today. How wonderful it felt to be able to travel to Portsmouth and enter the city via the Memorial Bridge. There were loads of people crossing, walking, biking, taking pictures and stopping on the jut outs to see the view. I remember all the naysaying when the design came out and thought how wrong they all were. This is exactly what Portsmouth needed. I can’t wait to go over it again and see the finished, landscaped product. Congratulations!

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