The Old Memorial Bridge

I was looking through some of my photos from when I first got my digital camera and started The Daily Portsmouth.  At times I was astonished at how similar my editing and compositions can be, but really enjoyed seeing how far my eye and tastes have come since originally committing to getting out more often to capture Portsmouth and the seacoast.

I was struck when I found this image of the old Memorial Bridge – mostly because now that I’m used to the new bridge, I am also used to its streamlined profile and lower height over my car.  The old bridge was significantly taller as you can see and feel in this image.  I’ll always miss this rusting beauty, but I am also a big fan of the new bridge now that it’s complete.  It always takes my breath away (sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively) when I walk over the Piscataqua River on a bridge…whether old or new.

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