Silhouetted | Piscataqua River Bridge

  Sometimes there’s not much you need to do with photography except be prepared when you’re in the right place at the right time.  This was taken on the same evening as the last image – featuring tall clouds over Portsmouth’s waterfront.  I had been so excited about the changing scene over Bow Street that […]

Piscataqua River Workhorses | Tugboats

The Moran Towing tugboats are rugged creatures.  These monsters work diligently throughout the year, especially in the midst of winter, ensuring that the river traffic navigates the Piscataqua with ease.  This was taken after the big snowstorm of 2013 came and went, leaving a rainy/slushy day in its wake – as you can see the […]

View From Above | Piscataqua River

There are some views that are just hard to imagine until you see them.  This shot from the balcony of The One Hundred Club captures the view up river of the Piscataqua on a relatively quiet summer evening.  The salt piles and a crane can be seen, along with the Middle Bridge and the Piscataqua River […]

Piscataqua River Fog

Winter is cold.  It’s supposed to be.  That doesn’t make it any easier, when it first arrives each year…and this year we’ve been lucky to have a very mild winter through the end of 2011.  This shot was taken on the first single-digit degree day (about 5 degrees at this point), and the air was […]

Piscataqua River Cloudscape

For once I think I managed to make a tugboat scene less about the tugboats than the other elements in the frame.  In this shot, the deck of the Old Ferry Landing, The Tugboats, the freighter in the background and the Middle Bridge in the distance all make for relevant subjects in the shot…creating the […]

The Piscataqua River at Sunset

Today features two different sunsets on the Piscataqua River.  The image above was taken from the Memorial Bridge and features the Bow Street waterfront and the Portsmouth skyline during a subtle orange sunset.  I just loved how the orange glow lights up the one building aimed directly towards the setting sun. Below, Badger’s Island on […]