Freighter | Piscataqua River

Freighters frequently travel up and down the Piscataqua River during the winter months to either deposit or receive resources for transit…but early this August, this freighter – the Atlantic Superior, made its way up the Piscataqua River towards the Schiller Station (owned by Public Service of New Hampshire).  This shot almost captures the massive scale of the boats with respect to the river they’re traveling up, and the little neighborhood that is situated along the river’s banks.  Always a gorgeous sight if you happen to catch it.

Atlantic Heights | S.W.A.T.

Since my house only looks like this once a year with all the plants in bloom, thought I’d capture it to remember during the colder winter months.  On top of being a beautiful day in Portsmouth, today was also National Night Out – a night aimed at crime and drug prevention.  Sixteen local neighborhood associations hosted events in a coordinated night out across the country – Atlantic Heights hosted a pot luck in Big Rock Park, which was well attended by residents and city officials, including the intense Seacoast Emergency Response Team (Portsmouth’s SWAT team) armored vehicle shown below.

Atlantic Heights | 10th Annual Garden Tour

This weekend marked the 10th Annual Garden Tour of the Atlantic Heights Neighborhood.  20+ gardens were open for the tour, which featured cottage-style backyard pocket gardens containing many colorful flowers of varying types.  Visit a sampling of the tour in my FLICKR gallery here:  FLICKR GALLERY.

Winter | Big Rock Park

Now that I’ve heard (and said) numerous jokes about building an ark with all the rain we’ve had, let’s all take a minute to pause and reflect….it could be worse!  Here’s a shot from an early morning this winter in my front yard, Big Rock Park in Atlantic Heights.  Rumor has it that the sun might show it’s face this weekend.  Check back for an afternoon post.

Productive Weekend

Sometimes life in Portsmouth is all about fixing up “this old house”.  This weekend was just that at 11 Porpoise Way in Atlantic Heights.  The new stoop in the front is complete except for waterproofing, and the stairwell inside and its old risers on the steps are finally painted and looking respectable after many hours of tedious coats of trim painting.  The rest of the week shall hold more exciting uploads as the weather looks promising and I’ll need to get away from all the fresh paint in the house.  Come visit again soon