At Nubble Lighthouse

Crystal clear skies graced the day on Saturday afternoon on Cape Neddick at Nubble Lighthouse.  The air was cold and crisp and the sea was choppy, but thanks to some water left over from high tide, I was able to capture this calm reflection of one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

One of my favorite vistas in the seacoast features the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse at Fort Constitution in New Castle.  I probably inherited my love of lighthouses from my dad, and we made our first trek to this beauty many years ago – and I’m always coming back in search of good lighting and to enjoy the view of the ocean. Be sure to take a tour if you ever have the opportunity!

Dusk at Great Island Common

It’s truly amazing how much access that we have to the waterfront here on New Hampshire’s seacoast.  There are many coastlines around the country that are filled to the max with beautiful homes, restricting the general public from enjoying the ocean’s natural beauty.  Among our great parks and waterfront vistas, New Castle’s Great Island Common ranks as one of my favorites.  It’s a spot to enjoy lighthouses, picnics, swings, and the rocky coastline.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

One of my favorite landmarks in the Seacoast – Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse stands tall at the edge of Fort Constitution in New Castle.

Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

I’m always one for getting up early to catch the sunrise – and I’m usually happier with the fruits of my labor.  This particular morning, the sun and sky decided they didn’t want to put on much of a show, so it’s a lovely muted scene of the iconic Maine lighthouse.  When we first arrived, it was cloudy and the sun was on its way up – so I figured we’d have a stunning show of color in the sky, but it was not meant to be.  I’m pleased despite this, and happy I got to enjoy a part of the day I usually waste.  Starting the day by watching a lighthouse and first light creep over the horizon is a good idea any day.

The Window

This solitary window on the side of the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse opens my imagination to what it must have been like to be a lighthouse keeper back in the old days.  What a view to survey the waterfront and enjoy all the water traffic, especially when old freighters or old cutter ships made their way upriver towards the Portsmouth docks or further upriver to Dover.  I went with a black & white processing on this shot, as the grey skies didn’t present much interesting color, but it simplified the shot down to what really mattered to me – the interesting curve of the sheathing around the tower and the window.

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

A simple shot of a perfectly New England scene – Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse at dusk.  The day’s last night is just kissing the window of the lighthouse as it watches over Portsmouth Harbor.  Kittery can be seen in the distance with some of the late afternoon’s rich sunlight hitting the homes on the shore.  Another shot from the inspiring Great Island Common in New Castle.

On Great Island Common

Great Island Common in New Castle, NH is a pretty gorgeous place.  Overlooking where the Atlantic Ocean and the Piscataqua River meets, it also features the view of two perfectly New England lighthouses – Whaleback Lighthouse and Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.  Today’s post features the ring buoy (which I think is funny, because I can’t imagine someone being saved by this little guy – but I’m sure that I’ll be proven wrong (or already have been)) overlooking Whaleback Lighthouse as well as a closeup of the tower.  The shot above is a handheld 3-exposure creation taken with my lovely Carl Zeiss 21mm.

Eastern Point Lighthouse

As promised, here’s a closer view of the Eastern Point Lighthouse in Gloucester, MA.  Just like hundreds of other New England photographers, I love the opportunity to get out and shoot some of these coastal sentinels.  I’m always happy when I can walk away with a decent shot or two – so the trip last weekend was well worth rushing around to catch sunset.

Eastern Point Lighthouse | Gloucester, MA

Here are more shots featured from the jaw-dropping sunset I enjoyed while checking out the Eastern Point Lighthouse on the southern point of Gloucester, MA.  The late afternoon’s sunlight was incredible, despite being just after 4pm, thanks to the angle of the sun early in the day.  The jetty was pretty cool, though Chris and I never strayed too far from the lighthouse itself.  The tower and light of a lighthouse always fascinate me – so I was sure to get a closer shot…which will be featured this weekend!