Morning Light from Peirce Island

This weekend had some gorgeous photographic opportunities, and thanks to some encouragement from Chris Lazzery for an early wake up – we headed over to Peirce Island to see what we might find.  There were all sorts of surprises for what was supposed to be a cloudless morning….from the pink clouds above the shipyard, to some gorgeous saturated orange sunlight that you see in this shot….and then, all of a sudden (as if a lightswitch was hit), the light became completely muted and lost its early glow.  It actually made for some awesome shots…and Chris snapped one of my favorite shots I’ve ever seen from the Boat Launch.

Featured in the shot is The Chandler’s Loft – which is open VERY early…and located on Pickering Ave at the former Pickering Marina.  You can stop in to grab your bait, tackle, coffee…you get the idea.  I’ll have to stop in for coffee soon – I wish them the best in the new endeavor!

Latitudes | Wentworth Marina

As I’ve posted recently – the Wentworth Marina is a place where you can see yachts that are ridiculously large – see a gorgeous sunset, and enjoy a delicious meal with a view.  Latitudes is perched just over the Wentworth Marina and is a great spot in New Castle to enjoy a meal out on a deck away from the throngs in downtown Portsmouth in case you’re in the mood for something a bit more laid back.

At the Wentworth Marina

It’s that time of year when everyone loves being in the Seacoast.  The Wentworth Marina in New Castle is no exception, and the water is packed with all types of boats.  This was the first time I’d ever made my way down to the docks below the Latitudes restaurant that belongs to the upscale waterfront hotel…and I was blown away at how fancy everything felt, even though I had expected it to be of the highest quality.  The setting was surreal, though the lighting wasn’t the best…but I was happy to come away with this shot and a few others that will make their way to the site over the next couple weeks.

Lions at The Rockingham

The historic Rockingham building is guarded by some fierce golden lions.  The residential building was once a hotel…burnt down…and was eventually rebuilt by Portsmouth brewer magnate Frank Jones, who is said to have “spared no expense”.  The golden lions are awesome and the building is beautiful….and the steak (& salmon) at The Library Restaurant is delicious.

The Portsmouth Brewery

One of my favorite hanging signs in Portsmouth is the legendary beer stein that welcomes passers-by to the Portsmouth Brewery on Market Street, one of the city’s staple restaurants for nearly a couple decades.  The beautiful colors surrounding the windows and reflected in them have always drawn me in.

At the River House Deck

I went to the River House for a late dinner on Friday night with my brother to celebrate his birthday.  You can sort of see us in the shot above – both with iPhones cranking away, a familiar site for those of you who know us.

I wanted to feature the changing look of the River House’s deck, with the new 2nd-level outdoor deck looking like it’s well on its way to completion.  The steel structure that overhangs the alley is up, and I was told last time over there that there will be a great outdoor addition (think cold beer) to the new setup.  They’re also working on a second indoor dining room to expand their space.  This has become one of my favorite spots for outdoor dining & adult beverages during the spring/summer….and it’ll be interesting to see everything once it’s all finished.  Check out the shot below for a “before” of the outdoor area.

Ristorante Massimo

Here’s an evening shot of Ristorante Massimo, a beloved fancy restaurant, which is located on Penhallow Street next to Ceres Bakery and near the Post Office building.  This was taken with a wide angle lens in very low lighting conditions, and I had no tripod so I had to make the best of the situation – so I set the camera down, on what I remember as a railroad tie or some piece of wood next to Ceres.  It gave a cool perspective with some texture to the old pavement on the ground, and some spray paint.  I loved the dark blues of the sky and the combination with the lighting and the red colors of the restaurant.  What are your thoughts?