Sheafe Warehouse | Prescott Park

For today’s post we head back to Portsmouth.  The Sheafe Warehouse in Prescott Park sits alongside the Piscataqua River along with several piers/docks.  I headed to the waterfront for one of the last sunsets of the summer season before the official arrival of Fall.  I’m glad I did – I was lucky to catch some interesting light on one last patch of clouds that was blowing through the sky.

Check back tomorrow for some gorgeous shots from our Golden Gate Bridge sunrise adventure.

Coit Tower | Telegraph Hill

Another San Francisco icon – Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill.  The 210 foot tower sits atop the affluent neighborhood – with the land gifted to the city in the early 1900s by a wealthy socialite who enjoyed chasing fires (according to Wikipedia), Lillie Coit.  The tower is a monument to the city’s firefighters, who took on special meaning after the intense fires that followed the 1906 earthquake.

I’ll share this little tidbit of info from wikipedia, mostly because I found it quite entertaining: “Lillie Coit was one of the more eccentric characters in the history of North Beach and Telegraph Hill, smoking cigars and wearing trousers long before it was socially acceptable for women to do so. She was an avid gambler and often dressed like a man in order to gamble in the males-only establishments that dotted North Beach. Coit was reputed to have shaved her head so her wigs would fit better.”  Whatever the history and whatever Lillie’s true habits were, the tower is a gorgeous addition to the SF skyline.

San Francisco Fog / Portsmouth Harbor

Today’s post is a double feature.  The first image is a treat from home base for the next few days….the view of San Francisco Bay.  This is the fog that San Francisco is so renowned for….once it blew over, you could see Alcatraz just about dead center in the frame.  I’ll try to snap a good sunset shot before we hit the road for Yellowstone.

Below is a treat from a Portsmouth Harbor Cruise from the summer….what had been the sunset cruise that set sail at 7pm became more of a city lights cruise as the light had retreated as we made our way under the Memorial Bridge.  I didn’t quite mind though – as there was a beautiful crescent moon and the planet Venus hanging out just to its right.  This shot is one of my recent favorites – as it silhouettes two of Portsmouth’s icons under a summer sky.  The Memorial Bridge and the North Church mark the city’s skyline.

An Evening in Pacifica

As you may have heard – I’ll be spending the following week west of the Mississippi!  I’m in San Francisco for a few days and will be heading to Yellowstone (and driving through Grand Teton National Park).  My brothers and I headed out tonight with every intention of shooting the San Francisco skyline from Treasure Island (across the bay from the Financial District)…however the fog had different plans for us.  After exploring the area and some seriously windy roads, we decided to throw in the towel (thankfully – because my stomach couldn’t take it much longer).  We decided to head to a calmer spot south of the city – Pacifica.  Dave has some awesome shots of the pier at sunset….but we decided oceanfront and waves sounded pretty good….so today’s shots feature a couple night captures.  Above I went for a different black  & white treatment to play around with some different processing.

Below, I loved the evening sky and the stars and the stark contrast against our own planet’s beachfront.  Looking forward to sharing more from the voyage throughout the week.  Stay tuned!

The Walkway | Portsmouth Harbor Light

Today’s images feature the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse located at Fort Constitution…as seen from the outside.  (Earlier this week I featured the geometric beauty of the interior staircase).  If you haven’t been – I can’t encourage you enough to catch one of the open houses…if for nothing else than to take a stroll and enjoy the view from the top of the structure…and marvel at the really old structure (that has a fresh coat of paint).

The Post Office | Rebuilding Portsmouth

As you may or may not know, the giant hulking structure in this shot to the left (very clearly a federal building), is the Post Office of Portsmouth.  The Post Office and the other federal tenants inside the building are slated for relocation to a new space in the Pease Tradeport in 2014.  Normally, this really wouldn’t be very interesting except for some commercial real estate being vacant….HOWEVER, because the building will be conveyed to the city of Portsmouth – this means that a world of opportunity awaits and the city could get a drastic facelift.

As seen in this shot from Bow Street, the property goes from the front entrance of the building on Daniel Street (across from the Press Room), all the way to the street side on Bow St.  The parking area is massive, and as seen from above (google map below)…the parcel is huge and basically represents the largest redevelopment in Portsmouth since the redevelopment of Market Square.  Pretty exciting stuff on the horizon – let’s hope the process goes smoothly and the city gets a great upgrade.

Thanks to my good friend Brian Matiash for helping select a shot for today’s post…I’ve got a few in the queue and within an instant of seeing this one, it caught his eye (which says a lot since he’s got a ridiculously keen eye). Head over to his page to check him out.
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Out on the Porch

There’s not much that says New England like a welcoming front porch.  With these adirondack chairs in place flanking the front door, this looks like it’s probably one of the most relaxing places to sit with a morning coffee and a newspaper.  I loved the scene as it caught my eye while driving through New Castle the other day…and though it would be a perfect subject to share.  The real challenge is whether you can identify the property…pretty easily recognizable from a different angle, which I’ll feature at some point down the road.  In the meantime, welcome to the porch!