An Evening on the Portsmouth Waterfront & A Big Announcement

Today’s shot features the Moran Towing tugboats from an angle that hasn’t been featured here in a long time – head on.  The Memorial Bridge makes an appearance at left, and the calmness of the water made for some great reflections  The Bow Street buildings as seen from the water have changed since the last time I featured a shot, with the Martingale Building gone – and the cement wall of the steel structure next door now visible.  It’s nice to see the tugs from one of my favorite spots again – a sure sign that it’s officially spring.  The Heritage of Portsmouth Harbor Cruises can be seen in the foreground.

Also, fresh on the heels of the site’s 1-year Anniversary, I have some exciting news to share with everyone!  Mark your calendars for this Friday (May 7th) evening at 7pm…for those of you in Maine, you’ll be able to see a feature of The Daily Portsmouth (and me) on the program “207” out of Portland, Maine!!

It will be airing on WCSH Channel 6, and also should be available for viewing on their website at  I was lucky & thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with the team at 207 a few weeks back and take them for a quick lunchtime tour of Portsmouth and give a little taste of how & why I do what I do. Looking forward to seeing how it comes out!

Construction in the City | The River House & The Martingale Wharf

The River House is getting a facelift out back, with a new elevated deck being constructed on the 2nd story of the building (even with street level of Bow Street).  Also, the Martingale Wharf reconstruction continues as the steel is being erected in the place of the former original brick building (seen below).

A Barge on the Piscataqua River & Opening Day at The Decks

I’m not sure if “barge” is the appropriate word here, but I’m sure my nautical friends will help me out with this one.  This piece of equipment is set up just next to the Tugboats as Maritime Construction & Engineering completes the redevelopment of the sea wall that sits underneath what will soon be a new public park (where the Poco’s deck used to be).

I loved the calmness of the water in this shot with the evening light and the reflection of the lights of the bridges on the water’s surface.  I can’t picture what the new park will look like, and the giant steel beams coming straight out of the ground don’t help me visualize it any better.  Still – I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

Also – today is the official opening day for The Decks!  I won’t be in New Hampshire today, so I hope everyone who can make it has a great time.  Harpoon Willy’s & The Old Ferry Landing were the last spots to open, as last weekend The Oar House, Poco’s and The River House were all serving outdoors in the gorgeous weather.

The Portsmouth Skyline

Today’s post features a view of the Moran Towing tugboats and a portion of The Decks from a different vantage point.  This is the first time I’ve posted anything shot from the Middle Bridge (the Sarah Long Bridge) in Kittery, Maine.  Visible from the skyline is the 100 Club, the steeple of the North Church, the rowhouses of Market Street, and many other familiar landmarks.

This spot is truly fantastic, and I imagine there will be plenty more stops during various sunsets with some beautiful results.

Changes at The Decks | Construction Update & Poco's New Deck

As I’ve written about lately, and as you’re probably aware, there are some big changes going on at The Decks this spring season.  The City finally started a beautification project, replacing brick sidewalks on Ceres Street – putting in new drainage and stone walkways in The Alley.  The biggest part of the project is the switcheroo, with the Poco’s deck being moved against the building (a two-story deck now as opposed to the single-story)…and a public area going in where Poco’s old deck was located. Above (and in the last shot) you can see the guts of the old area, with the Old Ferry Landing visible to the right (which will now have unobstructed tugboat views)….in the last shot you can see the rebar being put into the ground to support the new structure, along with a crescent moon hanging over the Market Street rowhouses. The second shot below is the upstairs portion of the new Poco’s deck…I’ll post a view of the lower portion soon…but in the meantime, upstairs is open for business!

Harpoon Willy's | Portsmouth, NH

The ceiling fan at Harpoon Willy’s is seen under an open blue sky earlier this winter with the green & white striped canvas in storage for the season.  Much to my pleasant surprise, I realized that two decks are sort of open for business.  The new upstairs heated deck at Poco’s is open according to a sign on Bow Street, and the deck at the River House was open for business today (St. Patrick’s Day) – probably thanks to the beautiful warm spring weather in the high 60s this afternoon.  Although the deck didn’t stay open after dusk (the outdoor lights aren’t yet working for the season) – it was a nice reminder of the warm afternoons to come.

I loved this angle of the ceiling at Harpoon Willy’s – in all my years in Portsmouth, I don’t think I’d ever realized that there was a ceiling fan here….above the ceiling fan you can see the skeleton of the Martingale Wharf building still under construction on Bow Street. Some locals tell me that the owners expect to have the new building complete with a restaurant open later this year during the fall….I’ll keep you posted on what I hear around town.