Downtown Rooflines

The Memorial Bridge stands tall above the rooflines of downtown Portsmouth.  This shot, from the balcony of 100 Market Street, highlights a variety of buildings – both new and old – and some perspective on one of the hot topics in town these days (building heights). St. John’s Church tower also stands tall in the frame with its instantly identifiable yellow and green colors.


Rooftops from 100 Market

There’s nearly no view in the city like the one from the rooftop balcony at 100 Market Street.  In this summertime image late in the day, the rooftops of Market Street and Bow Street line the waterfront, with the old Memorial Bridge standing intact in the background. The shot is very sky-heavy, but I love how the late day light transitions from the purple-ish pink on the horizon all the way to a deep blue higher in the sky.

Portsmouth from Above

The building at 100 Market Street has the best vantage point of anywhere in downtown Portsmouth.  You have a beautiful sweeping view up the Piscataqua River towards Dover to the north, featuring both the Piscataqua River and Middle Bridges, along with a glimpse of the working waterfront.  From the One Hundred Club balcony you have a view over the city as far as the Naval Prison and even further towards New Castle…in the shot below I’ve featured the building at the corner of Market and Hanover Street with the cool curve of the rooflines towards the North Church and the Federal Building off to the left.  A gorgeous sunset without a cloud in the sky always helps pretty up any scene, with these shots being no exception.  Thanks for visiting – check back over the weekend for some exciting news about November 18th!

Autumn in the Seacoast | NHFF 2010

The Music Hall

I’m going to keep today short and sweet by featuring two vertical shots taken on Sunday at the New Hampshire Film Festival.  Above, The Music Hall (main venue for the festival) is featured with the NHFF 2010 banner at the base of the hill along Congress Street.  Below – Market Street and the 100 Club balcony are featured in the shot taken during the VIP brunch.  It was a gorgeous fall day and a fantastic weekend…later this week I’ll share more of the portraits taken of the various filmmakers, producers, award winners attendees etc. from the various venues…where I’ll give the appropriate thanks to all the people that worked incredibly hard to make this event an enormous success.


More from The 100 Club

More shots from the vista of the 100 Club balcony…enjoy!

Also check out a recent post from one of the photographers I most admire in the business today, Vincent Laforet, formerly of the New York Times, and now recognized for his expertise in the HD DSLR video world: VINCENT | LAFORET.

The View from The 100 Club

The view from the top floor at 100 Market Street, from the private balcony of the 100 Club, must be the best in the entire city.  You can see across the Piscataqua River to Kittery, over to the Memorial Bridge and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard…and looking westward you can see both the Middle Bridge and the Piscataqua River Bridge towards Newington…and you can see all the winding rooftops of Market Street leading towards the North Church and Market Square.

Thanks to Catapult Seacoast and the Business Speaker Series the organization has put together, I was able to enjoy a fascinating evening listening to Chase Bailey…and enjoy a few minutes out on the wrap-around balcony that is one of the beautiful features of the 100 Club.  I’ve got a few more cool shots that will make their way up over the next week or so…but today is a taste of the eagle-eye vantage point.

Ceres Street in the Fog

Earlier this week, the weather was pretty darn hot – and the mornings were ridiculously foggy.  I’ve always loved these stairwells on the back of the Ceres Street rowhouses, and the thick misty fog only added to the aura they bring to the streetscape.  The brick walkways and leading lines are cool, and my favorite part might be the flower petals that have fallen from the hanging plant that are strewn around the watermark.

Come visit tomorrow for some shots I snapped from the 100 Club – where Catapult Seacoast held its latest event in the Business Speaker Series that featured the fascinating mind of thinker/painter/scientist/filmmaker Chase Bailey of Left Bank Films.  Some beautiful shots await…

100 Market Street

This shot was taken from the corner of Hanover Street & Market Street.  The building at 100 Market is one of the newer commercial real estate additions in town, one of the first major redevelopment projects dating back 5-10 years ago (I’m not sure when it was completed)….then came the Popovers building on Congress Street, some residential buildings on State Street, The Martingale Wharf and now Portwalk Place.  It’s no secret that I love this building, not so much for the architecture, which I happen to enjoy, but for the view it affords those who get to visit the 100 Club.

I wanted to feature 100 Market Street today because I have a few photographs that will be featured as part of an exhibit opening today (May 14th) and running through August 1st.  The show features the visual/performing arts as interpreted by visual artists.  I took a quick walk through as pieces were being hung yesterday, and it looks to be a dynamic show – featuring some great concert portraits by Nancy Grace Horton and other photographers, painters, etc.  My shots are on the 1st floor (enter through the door shown above)…and feature some behind the scenes shots from ‘Round the Square, which I sat in on one evening a few weeks back.  I had a blast shooting in a different setting and out of my comfort zone…looking forward to the next opportunity.

The Portsmouth Skyline

Today’s post features a view of the Moran Towing tugboats and a portion of The Decks from a different vantage point.  This is the first time I’ve posted anything shot from the Middle Bridge (the Sarah Long Bridge) in Kittery, Maine.  Visible from the skyline is the 100 Club, the steeple of the North Church, the rowhouses of Market Street, and many other familiar landmarks.

This spot is truly fantastic, and I imagine there will be plenty more stops during various sunsets with some beautiful results.