Downtown Rooflines

The Memorial Bridge stands tall above the rooflines of downtown Portsmouth.  This shot, from the balcony of 100 Market Street, highlights a variety of buildings – both new and old – and some perspective on one of the hot topics in town these days (building heights). St. John’s Church tower also stands tall in the frame with its instantly identifiable yellow and green colors.


The Cloud & The Steeple

A big textured cloud was hovering out towards the horizon at the end of the day behind the North Church steeple.  I love the old roofs of the downtown buildings and the fact that the City Hall complex can be seen in the distance from this vantage.

Rooftops from 100 Market

There’s nearly no view in the city like the one from the rooftop balcony at 100 Market Street.  In this summertime image late in the day, the rooftops of Market Street and Bow Street line the waterfront, with the old Memorial Bridge standing intact in the background. The shot is very sky-heavy, but I love how the late day light transitions from the purple-ish pink on the horizon all the way to a deep blue higher in the sky.

A Visit from Donald Trump & A Boston Icon

The circus that is the world of New Hampshire in the year before a primary has officially begun.  Donald Trump made a few stops throughout town after flying into Pease in the morning…and heading to a fundraiser at the 100 Club sometime after lunch.  The crowds on Hanover Street spoke volumes to the fascination we have with all that is celebrity and political.

On another note – I wanted to share an image of The Hancock in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.  I love this structure and its beautiful glassy facade that reflects all its neighbors.

Portsmouth from Above

The building at 100 Market Street has the best vantage point of anywhere in downtown Portsmouth.  You have a beautiful sweeping view up the Piscataqua River towards Dover to the north, featuring both the Piscataqua River and Middle Bridges, along with a glimpse of the working waterfront.  From the One Hundred Club balcony you have a view over the city as far as the Naval Prison and even further towards New Castle…in the shot below I’ve featured the building at the corner of Market and Hanover Street with the cool curve of the rooflines towards the North Church and the Federal Building off to the left.  A gorgeous sunset without a cloud in the sky always helps pretty up any scene, with these shots being no exception.  Thanks for visiting – check back over the weekend for some exciting news about November 18th!