Whaleback Lighthouse

I’m already reminiscing about those warm evenings where sunset wasn’t until after 7pm and it was so warm out that you could actually enjoy being out on a boat to enjoy the setting sun.  This was taken on the Heritage during their sunset cruise…it was shot with a Zeiss 18mm lens that I rented for a week.  The lens was quite stunning…wide angle to cover more territory within the frame, but the thing that made my jaw drop the most was the color rendition.  This is a single exposure, with hardly any adjustments in post processing.  While it’s a bit more muted than my usual style, I can’t help but enjoy soaking in the rich colors of sunset and feel like I’m back out on the harbor cruise.  Looking forward to getting my hands back on another Zeiss lens in the near future.

A Boston Photowalk

This year I took part in two sessions of the 3rd Annual Scott Kelby Photowalk.  In the morning I made a quick appearance at the local Portsmouth walk led by Ron Risman…before heading down to Boston to meet with some sharp photographer fellows (Brian Matiash, Pat O’Brien, Scott Wyden Kivowitz and Andrew Yaniuk) for a quick tour of the Sam Adams Brewery before the evening photowalk in Boston.  I have a few hundred images to wade through, but had a great day of New England shooting….in the meantime, here’s a few shots that I got to sooner than later.  More to follow through the rest of the week.  I enjoyed meeting the group and it was awesome to put a face to so many names…looking forward to everyone’s shots!

The shot above was taken near the World Trade Center Boston in the Seaport district.  The next shot was taken with one of my latest rentals…a Carl Zeiss 18mm manual focus lens.  So far I’ve found that it’s incredibly sharp and has beautiful color directly out of the camera.

The last shot is one of the Boston group led by Brian Matiash…we had a great time wandering the streets and shooting, and thankfully the skies stayed clear through the early evening (click the image to see it large!).