Miniature Market Street | A Huge Thank You

  • Here’s a unique take on Market Street, with Footnotes (local shoestore) in the closest window to the right.  Loved this tilt-shift shot of the infamous shopping locale downtown, particularly with the glowing windows and bricks, and the out of focus lights towards the left half of the frame.
  • I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank EVERYONE who came to see the opening at the Portsmouth Art Exchange gallery this evening. I’m grateful to have had such a great turnout for my first show, even if there were only 10 prints to see….a really fun night for me!
  • A very special thanks goes out to my parents (pic below w/brother Jon) for making the trek from Massachusetts to enjoy the evening, my lovely lady Steph for helping select the prints for the night, Ocean Bank for all of my great colleagues’ continued support, Mark Dearborn (& the Infinite Imaging crew) for designing/printing such beautiful save the date cards & posters, J.L. Stevens for the opportunity to be featured in the Portsmouth Herald’s Spotlight magazine, David Young (& the Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra) for his continued support & interest, Lisa Mills for her continued support, Brian Matiash (another New England HDR guru) for making the trek from MA – and countless other locals from coming to say hello, and for new folks for coming and sharing their thoughts on my work (and to everyone who was there in spirit). Thanks to Jane & Paul at the Art Exchange for their interest in having me at the gallery!  A truly special evening that I won’t soon forget!

Evening Glow on the Memorial Bridge

With all of the winter and night pics recently, I thought it was time to bring back some snow free vistas and some sunshine. This shot is from earlier in December where I happened to catch a nice subtle sunset glow on the abutments of the Memorial Bridge. Soon we’ll be seeing the new building begin to take shape in the right part of the image…as the former Pier II restaurant site undergoes its transformation into the new structure that is said to mirror the feel of a grain storage warehouse from the 19th century. Check out an article in the Herald with renderings of the new building here: CONSTRUCTION BEGINS AT PIER II.