Prescott Park In Bloom

Tonight was an overcast evening at Prescott Park, but I hadn’t been over for a walk in some time, so I decided it was time for a quick visit.  I absolutely love the trees that line the parking lot, particularly right around this week each year – so today’s post features this year’s trees in bloom….and also a take on the Joseph Sawtelle Pier.  One of the most photographed spots in the city, I’m sure – although most often I think it includes a shot of the Memorial Bridge.

The Press Room & A New Project

The Press Room is a staple in Portsmouth’s music/bar scene, as often highlighted over at The Beer Drinking Report, and it’s one of the few places that continues to bring live music to guests. It had a good atmosphere despite being an early Tuesday evening thanks to the Larry Garland Jazz Jam and plenty of patrons.

What brought me to the Press Room tonight was a meeting with Dan Freund of to discuss the opportunity to use some of my photographs in the intro sequence to a new web series being launched at the site next Friday, January 15th. (I’ll remind everyone again next week). Dan is a very interesting fellow, and I’m excited to see his talents integrate some of my work to a series that highlights Portsmouth and its people.

Check out some video from the evening for a better taste of the Tuesday night ambiance (complete with cameo by the famed Tristan of the PBR Summer).