The Martingale Wharf

It has been finished.  After many years of starts and stops, the building has finally arrived in all of its waterfront glory.  Tenants include a few office users, and Portsmouth’s newest seafood restaurant, Surf Portsmouth.  The building has an expansive deck with an incredible view of the water, and I’m sure all tenants on the upper floors will appreciate the knockout views on the water side.  It’s wonderful to have our city street back intact on Bow Street, with a very cool staircase leading down to the waterfront.  I’d encourage you to check it out, or peek through the windows to see the lush finishes in the entryways – or stop in to Surf for a drink.  While the view of the water from Bow Street has disappeared from the old parking lots that once stood in the place of the Martingale, it’s looking infinitely better from the water side and from Kittery, where this shot was taken.

The Martingale Wharf Demolition

The Martingale Wharf chronicles continue – as the original Martingale building was demolished in the early part of the week. Seen above is refuse from the original structure (the main component was torn down since the safety of the original brick building was in question as the bricks began to sag towards the waterfront) and the Piscataqua River Bridge and the Sarah Long Bridge can once again be seen in the distance. The original building, which was one of the city’s oldest remaining structures, is certainly a loss for the historic fabric of the city – but safety trumps all, and what’s done is done.

I’m hoping that the finished building proves to be a beautiful addition to the waterfront once it’s completed – and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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For a view of the old brick structure – visit: Martingale Wharf Building (ALMOST)