Abstract | New Castle Waterfront

With the clouds clearing out in the afternoon at Fort Constitution at the New Castle waterfront, the light wasn’t ideal for photos, but it revealed a rich blue sky that complimented the tones in the water and also reflected off the water’s surface.  Combining the blue with the soft colors in the clouds made for a beautiful scene, so I wanted to capture the mood in a more abstract way.  I’m liking the abstract series and to when I find another scene that would lend itself to some creative shooting.

At Water's Edge

This blue gate has appeared once before, but it makes a return today along with a brooding sky over the Rye seacoast.  I love the sea wall and the stormy sea & the presence of the home right on the coast. I’d like to welcome daylight savings and the extra hour of sunlight at the end of each day so that I can get out and enjoy scenes like this as the warm weather rolls back in!

Winterscape | At Water's Edge

The beach is a wonderful place.  I find it a bit more wonderful when it’s not incredibly overwhelming with hundreds of people and cars making their way through town.  This winter scene is from the waterfront at low tide with the peaceful homes on the oceanfront standing watch over the intense winter weather…and all the people when they return.

The Blue Gate at Rye | At Water's Edge

This image will be the first in a new series featuring the oceanfront during winter – At Water’s Edge.  This shot is fitting as the opener, as this blue gate is what greets beachgoers when they first arrive at Pirate’s Cove.  I’d never really noticed this gate before, nevermind be compelled to take a photo of it – but when I got to the ocean just after the midweek storm (that promised to deliver up to two feet in two days), the blue stood in contrast against the white snow on the ground and the otherwise colorless sky.  I hope you’ll enjoy the series, I’ve enjoyed venturing down to the water despite the weather. (I’ve also been inspired by friend and talented photographer, Bob Lussier, with his latest series “Off Season”).

Meanwhile..check back later today for some exciting news about a show opening at 100 Market Street!