At Night in Market Square

At Night in Market Square

A Winter Morning in Market Square

A fresh snowfall covers the sidewalks and the rooftops in Market Square on a dreary morning. The North Church and the Athenaeum make for great focal points in this historic streetscape.

The Portsmouth Athenaeum

The Portsmouth Athenaeum is one of the older buildings in town, and is actually still in use as its original function – as a members library (originally incorporated in 1817). The building stands tall watching over Market Square, amidst the rhythm of brick buildings lining the popular destination.

The Athenaeum | Congress Street

Today features one of my favorite shots of the Portsmouth Athenaeum.  This shot of Market Square was taken just in front of Breaking New Grounds at the corners of Market Street and Congress Street.  Go visit the building sometime on a Thursday afternoon – it’s easily one of the coolest places in town, when you walk in you can simply feel the seacoast history in the room.  The reading room is just inside the large rounded doorframe, and you instantly feel as though you’re back in the 1700s or so, with gigantic paintings of historic figures adorning the wall and cool flooring & carpentry throughout.

I hope to do an indoor shoot in the near future and share some of the beauty with all the readers here!

The Portsmouth Athenaeum

There is a unique exhibit at The Portsmouth Athenaeum, the beautiful and historic downtown building, Treasures of the American Independence Museum.  The North Church can be seen in the reflection on the 2nd story window. Don’t recognize the building? Head over to a previous post HERE, which shows the building head-on.

I’d never been to the Athenaeum and have wanted to stop in for quite a while, so after getting my morning coffee and seeing the sign out on the sidewalk I decided to go stroll upstairs.  The exhibit is on the top floor with some rustic exposed beams on the ceiling, adjacent to the research room (basically a library). There is a portrait of George Washington, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, some old rifles and a few other portraits and documents. If you like history – head over to check it out.