Atlantic Cozumel | Panama

As I mentioned yesterday – summer seems to be officially winding down.  While this obviously makes me sad – it’s always nice to get a welcomed surprise, like the return of freighters to our busy riverfront port.  The Atlantic Cozumel from Panama was in town today and must have arrived sometime during the Labor Day weekend – greeting me on the way to work in the morning.  On the way home I had to stop to capture some of the late day sun on its hull.  I love seeing these working ships doing their thing…and maybe the salt piles will shrink a bit before growing for the winter season…I didn’t spend enough time today to see whether the ship was loading or unloading.

Warm Weather Arrives in Portsmouth

I took advantage of the warmer weather we had today and went for a stroll. I hate to bore people with the same spots over and over, but I find myself drawn to the same places – and with another newly arrived freighter (the Atlantic Cozumel from Panama) and perfect conditions, snapped the shot above (and updated the header). Below is another artistic take on the Martingale Wharf project.

Check back again in coming days, I’m working on putting together a video compilation of various scenes that I’ve shot with the camera throughout the year. It’s been fun to put together, and I think you’ll like it.

I’m also exploring the possibility of having some work displayed at the newly opened gallery at 220 State Street – the Portsmouth Art Exchange. I met Jane Sewell this afternoon and had a lovely chat with her, go visit the store and say hello (and stay tuned, if everything comes together there will be an opening where I’d love to meet everyone!).