Walkway at the Wentworth Marina

I am a math nerd, so my obsession with angles and symmetry are no mystery.  The opposing lines and angles in so many places make this photo even more fun.  I have always enjoyed the colors of the wooden walkway and the richly painted benches that line it, throw in a glowing window from a sunset and a nicely textured sky and you have some great elements.  I always feel a little more at peace when I make my way down to the Wentworth Marina and it’s nice and quiet. I’m sure once Latitudes opens and people return to their boats, it might get a little more hectic…but in the meantime I’ll enjoy any/all trips I can make.

Snow in the Square

With the return of winter, I’m even more eager than ever to catch a few out of the ordinary scenes while the snow flies.  I’ve only been in town for one snowfall so far this year, although there’s news that another storm may make a stop in the seacoast over the weekend.  Here, one of the benches near the Market Square fountain sits empty as a pedestrian stands just long enough for me to snap this shot (conveniently in the vicinity of the lamppost and wreath).  Happy winter to all, and happy shooting to those brave enough to enjoy the elements for the next few months.

A Sunny Evening on the Pier

After strolling around Prescott Park and the South End when the Tall Ships arrived on Thursday, I headed over to one of my favorite spots on the Mary E. Prescott Pier.  There are a ton of benches to sit down and enjoy throughout Prescott Park, with a bunch on this particular pier facing the Memorial Bridge, another side faces the Commercial Fish Pier, and a third side has benches facing the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  It’s always worth a trip to town or a walk over to the park to sit and enjoy the scene – whether you need to decompress or just want to enjoy some sea air.

The sunset and the tones of the wood made this shot perfect for me – capturing the serenity of the Piscataqua River waterfront.

Prescott Park

These alluring benches in Prescott Park overlook the Piscataqua River and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  This is one of the first spots I fell in love with Portsmouth (before i moved here)… it was the perfect spot after getting a burrito at Dos Amigos to head towards the water.  The trees are fantastic this week, the color on these trees were about the only thing with any life in them this gray afternoon.

Full size here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/philipcase/3511988308/

Take Two here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/philipcase/3511985668