Tugboats in the Blizzard

During any stormy day or any gorgeous sunset, I always find myself wondering what the Moran Towing tugboats might look like.  Well, during the first blizzard of 2011…I made a point to endure some pretty ridiculous wind on Ceres Street and strolled on over.  This is a familiar scene revisited from a winter storm just about one year ago….only 6 days off.  I was eager to test out my new Zeiss lens…and it didn’t disappoint.  It’s been a while since I’ve featured the tugboats, so it felt like time to share another dramatic waterfront scene.

Just look at the intensity of that water ready to splash the hulls of the tugs, and the thickness of the snow in the air…so thick that you can barely make out the Kittery, Maine waterfront on the other side of the river.

After the Storm

What a difference half a year makes!  The shot above was taken during the afternoon lull in this week’s big winter storm, after most of the snow had fell…but the air was still frigid and the wind was still ridiculous as you can see on the surface of the water.  This public dock is one of my favorites to shoot in Prescott Park and overlooks the Memorial Bridge…so sometimes it’s worth venturing down to see what I can come up with.  Prescott Park is a pretty cool place regardless of season, and there’s a quiet element of magic after a fresh snowfall.

In a sharp contrast, the shot below was taken from the very same spot in June of 2010, with some rich colors from a beautiful sunset.  Makes me appreciate Portsmouth that much more for its versatility.  More great shots through the rest of the week from today’s fresh snowfall!

In the Middle of Market Street

I think the view down Market Street is one of the coolest streetscapes in Portsmouth.  It’s not often that the traffic is mild enough during the day to stop in the crosswalk to snap a few images.  This particular shot was handheld and consists of 3 exposures…I didn’t have time for much more, as a car turned the corner seconds after this was taken….so a tripod setup is basically out of the question.

For everyone in Portsmouth, enjoy the insanity of the blizzard I’ve been hearing about – it should make for an interesting downtown…with awesome opportunity to take photos and hopefully quiet streets.  As I’m still in Florida after the holiday, I’ll have to live vicariously through everyone for a few more days. Stay safe and enjoy some hot chocolate!