I decided to get up for sunrise knowing that the fog would still be hanging around on Friday morning. Instead of heading to my usual spots, I decided to venture out to New Castle for some images of boats along the coast in the moody fog. After finding this beauty in the calm water, I knew the early wake up was worth it.

Character | The Commercial Fish Pier

The Commercial Fish Pier in Portsmouth is loaded with character.  On our way back to the dock after a sunset sail out on the Gundalow, this blue hulled boat caught my eye.  These boats and their fishermen head out day in and day out and navigate the waters of the Atlantic and the Piscataqua so we can enjoy fresh seafood. What a beautiful thing.

Boat & Reflections | South End

Another glimpse of life on the water in Portsmouth.  This image was taken from Peirce Island near my favorite boat launch.  The low tide allowed me to sneak a bit closer to the water and further from the shore than I usually would…and I’m happy with the results.  Another example of why it pays to wake up a bit early.

Stillness on the Water | Hummingbird

The South End reflects on the water in the distance as this boat sits at rest.  The colors of the historic homes along with the sky are vibrant yet muted. I really liked this shot because of the sense of atmosphere it lends, with the various layers in the frame.

The Flag | After Sunrise

Minutes after sunrise on the beach in Boynton Beach, FL, the lifeguard on duty posted this singular red flag in the sand.  This was part of their notification system to let beach visitors know that the water wasn’t swimmable.  I thought it was an awesome scene, almost like a moon landscape with the American Flag posted in the sand…and believe it or not, it was quite cold.  I think the temperature was in the mid 30s, and the ocean was fogging in the early morning light…and the cool colors of the ocean with the warm clouds in the distance and the starkly red flag made this a solid shot for me.

Sunset at the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion

One of my favorite places to visit on a warm summer evening is the Wentworth-Coolidge mansion on the waterfront of Portsmouth’s back channel.  It’s almost always delightfully quiet….with the gorgeous colors of a sunset and the rich colors of the grass and the home – it’s rarely a disappointing stop.  The little boat on the mooring added another element to the shot – and the Wentworth By The Sea is peeking out from the trees in the distance.

Bridges of the Piscataqua River & The Amy Philbrick

The Amy Philbrick ship sits in the middle of the Piscataqua River during a heavy snowstorm. Visible in the background are two of Portsmouth’s three famous bridges – the Sarah Long Bridge (aka the Middle Bridge) and the Piscataqua River Bridge – as well as a piece of Kittery, Maine. I loved the frozen feeling of the shot accentuated by the red buoy and the color of the ship.