Commercial Fishing Fleet of Portsmouth

Making the best of a cloudless evening isn’t always easy – but it’s usually fun, especially when water and reflections are available.  Here, two of the vessels of Portsmouth’s commercial fishing fleet are docked on a very quiet and calm Piscataqua River. The Naval Prison and the shipyard can be seen in the background.  I love the calm and very “New England” feel of the scene.

At the Wentworth Marina

It’s that time of year when everyone loves being in the Seacoast.  The Wentworth Marina in New Castle is no exception, and the water is packed with all types of boats.  This was the first time I’d ever made my way down to the docks below the Latitudes restaurant that belongs to the upscale waterfront hotel…and I was blown away at how fancy everything felt, even though I had expected it to be of the highest quality.  The setting was surreal, though the lighting wasn’t the best…but I was happy to come away with this shot and a few others that will make their way to the site over the next couple weeks.

The Waterfront & The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Today’s post features a new waterfront view that hasn’t yet been featured here at The Daily Portsmouth.  You can see the North Church steeple and the South Ward Meetinghouse in the distance from Newcastle Ave. along with the homes of the South End. In the second shot you can see the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (actually located in Kittery) in the distance with the same boats.  The sign at the bottom is located on the bridge and caught my eye.