The Portsmouth Waterfront

The Portsmouth waterfront along Bow Street is a unique little spot in this world.  In the summertime, it is a lively and bustling place filled with restaurant patrons and good food & beverage, usually with a gorgeous waterfront sunset and a front row seat to industrial river traffic.

As seen from Maine, the waterfront is a more peaceful and distant place.  This was taken following an intense thunderstorm in the late afternoon, with towering clouds hovering over the city.  The Martingale Wharf can be seen mid-construction with its iron framing in plain site, after the original building was demolished.

Morning on Bow Street

Bow Street is most frequently shown from the view at the top of the hill – where you can see the historic buildings that follow the curve of the Piscataqua River frontage.  On a morning walk, I decided to capture what I thought was also a beautiful moment in time.  It just so happens, that this view probably also hasn’t changed too dramatically in my lifetime – and maybe in decades.  Downtown Portsmouth is an awesome place.


Bow Street Panorama

 Bow Street is one of my favorite streets in all of Portsmouth, for many reasons.  One of the reasons is the beautiful curve that the street takes from the Memorial Bridge towards Market Street, highlighting the curve of the waterfront and the decks that adorn the opposite side of the buildings seen in this panoramic photo.


Tugboats and the Memorial Bridge

Another glimpse of what Portsmouth’s waterfront looked like with the original Memorial Bridge.  In just about eight more months, a replacement bridge will be standing in its place – reconnecting the communities of Kittery and Portsmouth.  The iconic Moran Towing tugboats sit at rest in the foreground.

Rooftops from 100 Market

There’s nearly no view in the city like the one from the rooftop balcony at 100 Market Street.  In this summertime image late in the day, the rooftops of Market Street and Bow Street line the waterfront, with the old Memorial Bridge standing intact in the background. The shot is very sky-heavy, but I love how the late day light transitions from the purple-ish pink on the horizon all the way to a deep blue higher in the sky.

The Tugboat & The Bridge

A slightly new take on a familiar scene. I’ve been trying to learn a few new tricks to keep things fresh, and this is one of my first attempts at the new look.  Details are heightened, and all of this is from a single exposure – a change from the bracketed sequence that I use more often.  Subtle yet still punchy. Any image with the Moran Towing tugboats is good in my book – and a little glimpse of the bridge completes the scene.

Rooflines at Sunrise

One of my favorite parts of my photographic adventures are the people I get to meet, and the places I get to shoot.  I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to shoot sunrise from the roof of the new Residences at Portwalk project that has been in the news so much lately.  The roof of the building in the heart of the Northern Tier is uniquely positioned above Hanover Street and the city’s parking garage, with a nice clear view towards Bow Street and the Memorial Bridge.

I was greeted by a soft orange glow in the sky, about 15 minutes before the sun made it over the horizon and the rooflines. The early day light was all that was needed to give a hint of detail in the Bow Street buildings and the power lines, with the cranes of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard visible in the background. A beautiful morning and a memorable view.




On Bow Street

In the warm and inviting summer weather, people can be seen driving and riding all sorts of vehicles, bikes, scooters, segways, etc. throughout the city.  It’s quite amazing. While heading home from work, I decided to take a quick stroll up Bow Street…and happened to spot a couple cool scooters.  I was drawn to this one in particular, emblazoned with Paparazzi.  What a perfect subject for a camera obsessed local.

The Martingale Wharf

It has been finished.  After many years of starts and stops, the building has finally arrived in all of its waterfront glory.  Tenants include a few office users, and Portsmouth’s newest seafood restaurant, Surf Portsmouth.  The building has an expansive deck with an incredible view of the water, and I’m sure all tenants on the upper floors will appreciate the knockout views on the water side.  It’s wonderful to have our city street back intact on Bow Street, with a very cool staircase leading down to the waterfront.  I’d encourage you to check it out, or peek through the windows to see the lush finishes in the entryways – or stop in to Surf for a drink.  While the view of the water from Bow Street has disappeared from the old parking lots that once stood in the place of the Martingale, it’s looking infinitely better from the water side and from Kittery, where this shot was taken.