Brewster's In The Snow

After one of our recent storms, I decided that the snow clinging to the roofs was too good to miss taking  a few photographs.  I headed to Peirce Island, which always has a mountain of snow from the city’s removal, to see what some of my favorite familiar scenes were looking like.  I found Brewster’s in the snow surrounded by water and the weather, with the subtle glow of the waterfront lantern adding some interest to the scene.

Calmness Returns

After the blizzard came and went last week, the wind calmed down somewhat and the skies remained overcast…but the sense of calm after the assault of the snow and sleet was a welcomed feeling.  This lone green light at Brewster’s Bait and Tackle adds an element to the otherwise typical shot that I wouldn’t be as excited to post.  Hope you enjoy!

LaCava's Wharf

In the late afternoon I decided to visit the usual spots before trying to inspire myself to shoot in some less traveled areas. On my way out of town, I decided to check out the late afternoon light in the South End at Prescott Park. On the Peirce Island Road Bridge I saw the sun glinting directly in my direction, which can make for some terrible photos – but being the stubborn person I am, decided to try anyway to see what I could come up with. The shot above is the end result, which I happen to like because of the sun streaks and the muted colors – yet the character of the neighborhood still stands out.