Lines | Boston Architecture

Here’s a shot back from this summer’s adventures in Boston, with 5 bracketed exposures that were taken during the Worldwide Photowalk held in Boston’s Seaport District, which was led by none other than the talented Brian Matiash.  This building was pretty interesting, with a gorgeous and unique overhang and a relatively quiet afternoon with few people strolling about.  I always enjoy hanging around new places that intrigue me, and I loved the colors of the building (the Institute of Contemporary Art building on the waterfront)…which is appropriately coolly designed for its contents.

Photography is always a fun challenge because it forces you to select what moment you want to capture, and/or what you want to include in your frame.  Sometimes movement and composition come together in a shot, but this time it was more the static lines of the stair case and the exterior lines of the building that made for a nice dynamic set against a summer blue sky.

Guest Post at Brian Matiash Photography

If you’re reading this – you need to do both of us a favor.  For yourself, you need to go enjoy the guest post I did over at the blog of fellow photographer Brian Matiash.  For me, please go visit Brian and thank him for giving me such an awesome opportunity to open a new series for him that features fellow photographers in an open forum setting….I had my choice of topics to write about, and it became immediately clear that I had to incorporate Portsmouth as a theme.  This great city is primarily responsible for getting me involved and passionate about photography all over again since buying my first digital camera last year.  I hope you enjoy the post…and more importantly – go check out Brian’s work (it is stunning).  Brian always captures the fascinating textures in everyday scenes that we all take for granted…I’m hoping to host Brian on a photowalk in the very near future – stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted!!