The Black Trumpet

The Black Trumpet on Ceres Street near the tugboats & The Decks is one of my favorite spots for a nice dinner out.  Delicious food, fantastic atmosphere, good view, great service…and it looks so darn cool with its yellow doors and signs on the Ceres St. alleyway.

The Stairs to the Sheraton Harborside

On a warm summer day last year I was taken by how inviting the steps to the Sheraton Harborside were, especially with such a beautiful sunset looming overhead. I loved how the stairs and their symmetry draw you up towards the tent over their deck, and together with the brick tones and the green of the trees & grass served as all too familiar a reminder that I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring!  I’m anxious to get out and enjoy the extra hour of daylight we now have – I think it will lead to some new variety of shots.

A Market Street Evening

A view down Market Street on a Friday evening.  In the distance you can see the cranes of the freighter docked in town hovering over the colored facades of the Market Street rowhouses.  In the foreground you can see Kennedy Studios custom framing & gallery at the corner of Commercial Alley – and the Portsmouth Brewery can be seen across the street.  A quiet scene before downtown was greeted by its many guests on Friday night.  Below is a view in the opposite direction on a spring afternoon with a very cool sky.

A Rainy Alley

Here’s some fresh content for everyone to enjoy! A new scene, a newly fixed camera, and some rainy snow.  The alley you see here is actually the brick walkway off of Church Street in between the North Church and 10 Pleasant Street (the building where Me & Ollie’s and Stonewall Kitchen are located) – with the entrance to Bank of America in the distance.  I’ve always enjoyed this little alley right around the corner from work – where some trash & recycling bins are tucked and where the ventilation system blasts warm air (which is particularly nice on a cold wintry day).  I decided to get a fresh cup of coffee in the afternoon and take advantage of having the camera back after its absence for the week.  It’s looking to be a sunny & moderate weekend…so get out and enjoy it!

Federal Cigar | Ladd Street

Over near the city’s parking garage on High Street/Hanover Street you’ll find Ladd Street, which is inhabited by several cool little shops.  Included in these shops are Federal Cigar, which has one of my favorite hanging signs of all of downtown – as well as the Old Stove Bakery (further up the street), which sells delicious cupcakes among other sugary treats. Snapped this shot during an early morning visit downtown and loved the light peeking out from in between the Federal Cigar building and its neighbor.

The Portsmouth Athenaeum

There is a unique exhibit at The Portsmouth Athenaeum, the beautiful and historic downtown building, Treasures of the American Independence Museum.  The North Church can be seen in the reflection on the 2nd story window. Don’t recognize the building? Head over to a previous post HERE, which shows the building head-on.

I’d never been to the Athenaeum and have wanted to stop in for quite a while, so after getting my morning coffee and seeing the sign out on the sidewalk I decided to go stroll upstairs.  The exhibit is on the top floor with some rustic exposed beams on the ceiling, adjacent to the research room (basically a library). There is a portrait of George Washington, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, some old rifles and a few other portraits and documents. If you like history – head over to check it out.

A Freighter & A Brick Wall | Square Crops

To complete the week and the arrival/departure of another freighter, the Tsuru from Nassau, here’s a square crop of the huge ship’s stern (I featured a bright red daytime shot of the bow earlier this week).  Also, in keeping with the square cropped images (which I’m drawn towards lately), here’s a beautiful natural shot of a brick wall on Atkinson Street (near Strawbery Banke) and a shutter holder in some intense midday light.

ALSO don’t forget to stop by and say hello if you’re in the Portsmouth area on Friday night!! I’ll be at the Portsmouth Art Exchange (located at 220 State Street) from 5pm-8pm for my first gallery opening.  A huge thank you to the Portsmouth Herald for featuring me and The Daily Portsmouth on the cover of Spotlight this week – catch the article here.  Hope to see you tonight!

The Varied Bricks of Market Street

Three buildings located on Market Street all stand side to side, and each building is easily distinguished by its own unique brick textures and colors.  Solari Salon & Spa can be seen at the lower right, with its subtly lit exposed brick walls, next to it on the left stands the former home of Ganesh Imports, and closest to the North Church with the curved roofline is the building that houses the soon to be opened Bella Sol restaurant (with the bright red border above its door).

Brick Walls of Portsmouth (Name that Building)

Portsmouth’s historical fabric is pretty evident all around the city, its streets and its buildings.  Today’s post features two brick walls in the city, both belonging to buildings that are more than 100 years old.  I love the richness of the character of the buildings in town, many have been painted, advertised on, cleaned, repointed, etc.

In the comments – take your best guess at which buildings these are and/or where they’re located.

Also, check out another self portrait below then head over to The Beer Drinking Report for a post about Bella Sol, the new restaurant seen below that looks set to open now that the wraps are off the windows.

Shopping Along Market Street

In the spirit of the holiday season, here’s a shot of one of Portsmouth’s busiest shopping streets with a satisfied customer making her way along the brick sidewalk. I love the reflections and the activity of the street, it has a great feel. I plan on getting back in better lighting conditions, but had to share in the meantime.