The Oar House | Ceres Street

Today – another one of my favorite spots on Ceres Street, The Oar House.  The Oar House has an awesome outdoor sign, an incredibly well located deck for the warmer months, and one of the most inviting and cozy interiors of any place in Portsmouth.  I don’t get there for dinner too often, but the few times I’ve been to enjoy a glass of wine in the downstairs bar, I was lucky enough to hear Don Fancy on the piano.  The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling throughout the interior add to the building’s charm.

My favorite part of this shot must be the downspout off to the right – I just loved how the copper is worn and discolored with all that character.  The sidewalk in this shot is new, as the City invested some serious dollars this past spring to spruce up the Ceres Street infrastructure along with the new park at The Decks.

Friday Evening in Market Square

Another gorgeous evening on the Seacoast.  The sun is setting and is just grazing the buildings on High Street (to the left) and Breaking New Grounds, as seen from the brick apron of the North Church.  I’m really starting to enjoy the wide-angle lens I’m renting, beautiful optics and such great sweeping views.  Hope you are enjoying it too!  More to follow later in the weekend…

The Ale House Inn

The Ale House Inn is a 10-room inn located on Bow Street downtown.  I’ve shared a few cool shots of the place in the past, and plan to post more in the future.  I love the feel of the place, very cozy and respectful of the building’s history as a grain storage warehouse for a brewery, yet modern and sleek with great furniture and amenities…and the lobby is just awesome.  The brick walls are welcoming and so is the long hallway…all in all, very New England and well worth a visit.

The Black Trumpet

The Black Trumpet on Ceres Street near the tugboats & The Decks is one of my favorite spots for a nice dinner out.  Delicious food, fantastic atmosphere, good view, great service…and it looks so darn cool with its yellow doors and signs on the Ceres St. alleyway.

The Stairs to the Sheraton Harborside

On a warm summer day last year I was taken by how inviting the steps to the Sheraton Harborside were, especially with such a beautiful sunset looming overhead. I loved how the stairs and their symmetry draw you up towards the tent over their deck, and together with the brick tones and the green of the trees & grass served as all too familiar a reminder that I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring!  I’m anxious to get out and enjoy the extra hour of daylight we now have – I think it will lead to some new variety of shots.

A Market Street Evening

A view down Market Street on a Friday evening.  In the distance you can see the cranes of the freighter docked in town hovering over the colored facades of the Market Street rowhouses.  In the foreground you can see Kennedy Studios custom framing & gallery at the corner of Commercial Alley – and the Portsmouth Brewery can be seen across the street.  A quiet scene before downtown was greeted by its many guests on Friday night.  Below is a view in the opposite direction on a spring afternoon with a very cool sky.

A Rainy Alley

Here’s some fresh content for everyone to enjoy! A new scene, a newly fixed camera, and some rainy snow.  The alley you see here is actually the brick walkway off of Church Street in between the North Church and 10 Pleasant Street (the building where Me & Ollie’s and Stonewall Kitchen are located) – with the entrance to Bank of America in the distance.  I’ve always enjoyed this little alley right around the corner from work – where some trash & recycling bins are tucked and where the ventilation system blasts warm air (which is particularly nice on a cold wintry day).  I decided to get a fresh cup of coffee in the afternoon and take advantage of having the camera back after its absence for the week.  It’s looking to be a sunny & moderate weekend…so get out and enjoy it!