Portsmouth from Above

The building at 100 Market Street has the best vantage point of anywhere in downtown Portsmouth.  You have a beautiful sweeping view up the Piscataqua River towards Dover to the north, featuring both the Piscataqua River and Middle Bridges, along with a glimpse of the working waterfront.  From the One Hundred Club balcony you have a view over the city as far as the Naval Prison and even further towards New Castle…in the shot below I’ve featured the building at the corner of Market and Hanover Street with the cool curve of the rooflines towards the North Church and the Federal Building off to the left.  A gorgeous sunset without a cloud in the sky always helps pretty up any scene, with these shots being no exception.  Thanks for visiting – check back over the weekend for some exciting news about November 18th!

Hilton Garden Inn on The Hill

Atop Portsmouth’s historic North End neighborhood sits several old colonial homes that remind me of what it must have been like to walk around town 100-200 years ago.  Along with those historic homes that are now part of the historic condominium made on site to protect the buildings sit several redeveloped parcels including the Hilton Garden Inn (which is across the street from the notorious bomb scare on Hanover Street), with the Portwalk Place project just down the hill on the same block.

All in all it’s a beautiful area, becoming more so as the redevelopment of the Parade Mall real estate continues to enhance the curb appeal of this growing part of town.  I like this particular shot because it captures the new bricks of the Hilton along with the Piscataqua River Bridge and the Sarah Long Bridge together with the colorful historic homes located in the Northern Tier.

Bridges | New York City & Portsmouth

Today I wanted to feature a few of my favorite bridges on this planet we share.  Above, is one of my shots of the Brooklyn Bridge from a recent trip into the city.  I wanted to get a somewhat fresh take on the bridge that thousands of people have photographed thousands of times..it’s definitely one of those shots on every photographer’s bucket list.  I plan to get back and shoot more, but this was another one I’m happy with in the meantime…and I thought I’d give a bit of an antique treatment to honor the age and timelessness of the structure.

Below you can enjoy one of my simple shots of a beautiful late evening over the Piscataqua River.  I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the view…I enjoyed the deep blues in the evening sky with the faint hint of orange from the setting sun.  The freighter and the lights on the bridges and the reflections add a peacefulness to the shot that keeps me coming back.

Portsmouth Waterfront | Reflections of Summer (& A Poco's Update)

Here we are, approaching the halfway point for February (and in the midst of a cold winter), and I’m scrolling through my archives – and this shot caught my eye of a freighter in port on a summer night.  Visible to the left is the glow of the Ferry Landing deck open for business and in the distance are the Piscataqua River Bridge and the Middle Bridge.

It’s only a couple months until the decks open back up, which will be sporting a newly configured Poco’s deck (see progress shot below!) and a new waterfront park next to the Moran Towing tugboats.  It will be a whole new experience on the waterfront this spring.