The Gazebo | Calabash Cove St. Lucia

Calabash Cove is a small resort near the northernmost point of Saint Lucia.  It’s a beautiful property that hugs the coastline, full of natural lush greenery and plantings that compliment the facility and the private cottages that dot the coastline.  One of the features of the property is this lovely little gazebo that overlooks the shoreline and has an unbelievable vantage point towards the west and sunsets every night.  I loved the flowers and the colors throughout the property, and the rich blue sky and amazing clouds that always seemed to hang around.  Just at the left corner of the gazebo, a faint hit of a rainbow can be seen as a result from the rainstorm out on the horizon.





A Rich Sunset from St. Lucia

It had been a long time since I had a few minutes to dedicate to shooting a beautiful sunset.  It wasn’t for a shortage of beautiful sunsets, but more a result of a full schedule.  This richly colored image is the result from 75 seconds of glorious sunset as the sun retreated behind the horizon.  The hint of reflection in the foreground was a gift from the drainage of the hotel we were staying at, which followed a channel out to the shoreline.  The oranges and pinks were just gorgeous.  It was refreshing to enjoy this gift from nature.  Much more exciting content to follow from the island of Saint Lucia.


Home from Saint Lucia

I’m home from our honeymoon in St. Lucia following an amazing wedding.  Everything worked out ridiculously perfectly, with much of the day captured by wedding photographer extraordinaire Kate McElwee!  See Part I and Part II to enjoy a glimpse of our day. Following a great morning spent with family and friends, my brother drove us to Boston for the afternoon on Sunday, where we spent a night before flying out at dawn to the beautiful tropical destination of St. Lucia.  For a few days I’ll be featuring some of the sights we enjoyed while away.

Here’s a shot of Mrs. Cohen lounging by the ocean.  Thanks for your patience, I hope you enjoy some of the new goodies!