In Market Square

In Market Square

This is one of the most recognizable locations in all of Portsmouth, and regardless of how many times I’ve been here, I could sit here for hours on end people watching and enjoying the various scents that waft through the air on a given day from the various restaurants in the area. It is a very very special place – you should come see it sometime!

Day's End in Portsmouth

There’s nothing like a summer sunset at day’s end in Portsmouth from the decks!  The sun retreats behind the massive salt piles and leaves a beautiful glow in the sky, often creating dramatic scenes with the summer clouds.

5 Years of The Daily Portsmouth

June 1, 2014 marked the 5th Anniversary of The Daily Portsmouth.  I originally set out with this website to capture the essence of Portsmouth, NH and the seacoast area by sharing images of Portsmouth’s unique charm – the reason that people who call it home love it so dearly and the reason that thousands come by the drove to visit year round. My favorite part of town is the working waterfront, which features tugboats, freighters (and the salt, oil, propane, metal, etc. that they are carrying), fishermen and their boats – the never ending flow of river traffic is a thing of true beauty – and of course the waterfront decks where you can grab a bite and a beverage and enjoy the show during the summer.  I also love the historic streets lining the waterfront – featuring homes that are centuries old with storied pasts. I have truly enjoyed shooting and sharing 5 years of The Daily Portsmouth and all of the beauty I’ve been able to see while I am out in the field shooting, and even more so I’ve enjoyed meeting so many different people that have seen my work and continued to encourage me.  A very heart felt thank you to everyone who has clicked, emailed, commented, liked, shared, and of course those who have supported me by purchasing a piece for their home or office.  I can’t wait to see what is in store during the next five years!  Happy 5th Birthday to The Daily Portsmouth!

Up The Road | A Congress Street Vista

Up The Road | A Congress Street Vista.

The rhythm of the buildings that line Congress Street have such inviting lines.  When you’re in Market Square, it’s not that evident that the street slopes downward and that the rooflines follow this rhythm – but from the Fleet Street intersection it’s an entirely different scene.

Solace by The Sea

This simple scene at Great Island Common in New Castle, NH is the favorite of many locals and many photographers.  The tree in the distance is one of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen, and has one of the best views of maybe any tree in the seacoast – perched on the Atlantic Ocean with views of Whaleback Lighthouse, Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and the Isles of Shoals.

Ceres Street | The Oar House

One of my favorite parts of Portsmouth is the area near the waterfront along Ceres Street, which runs parallel to Market Street, with its intensely tall buildings (as felt from Ceres Street) that seem to make a person feel more connected with the abutting waterfront.  In this photo, taken from one end of the area, The Oar House is featured with its maroon street front entrance.