Sunrise from City Hall


Portsmouth has a few subtle terrain changes that I don’t think about often.  Sometimes you end up somewhere that makes it a bit more obvious, which is the case at City Hall.  The North Church and the Piscataqua River Bridge can be seen in the distance.  The school buses in the foreground add a fun element to the image, along with the industrial fog clouds in the background from the manufacturing plants that line the river.


Downtown from City Hall

With a nice telephoto lens – it’s amazing what you can capture in a frame from a distance.  This shot was taken from the parking lot at City Hall, and has a few layers, giving a nice perspective to the North Church, the I-95 Bridge, the Custom House, and even the parking lot at Citizens.  An iconic view with a brooding sky makes for interesting viewing.

The Tree on The Hill

This tree sits atop the hill near City Hall in Portsmouth.  In the distance, the North Church and the Piscataqua River Bridge can be seen glowing in the late afternoon sunlight.  I’ve been hugely influenced lately by a classic large format photographer, Joel Meyerowitz.  After picking up a couple of Joel’s classics, I’m now smitten with the atmosphere and mood and natural colors presented in a scene.  This shot is a step in that direction, as no heavy processing could truly capture the softness of the blue sky and the contrasting rich orange sunlight against the detail of the tree in the foreground.  It definitely helped having a piece of glass that can truly render the subtleties of the gorgeous color and detail, thanks Zeiss!

Signs of Spring | From City Hall

A view of Portsmouth from the hill at City Hall…the sun was setting just as I was heading in for a meeting, and I was just struck by the beautiful sunlight.  The Portsmouth Middle School can be seen to the left of the frame, with the steeple of the North Church closer towards the center of the frame…but the part of the image that I love is the pair of trees in bloom at the bottom of the hill.

Below is a shot of a similar tree in bloom just outside of work…where the clouds were pretty intense (but not threatening rain).