In the Yard

In this shot of Strawbery Banke, the grass finally makes its return after the snow melts away for the season.  I’ll never say never, so we may see more snow before the season’s out…but it would take quite a storm to cover the ground for a prolonged period again.  This little patch of grass is a welcome to spring for all those folks out there who need a bit of hope to get us through to warmer days.

I chose this spot for a few reasons, I loved the open grassy patch as well as the old clapboards on the opposing houses along with their competing windows.  The chairs on the wall at left add a nice human element, but also a sense of calm to the scene.

Clapboards of the South End

These pristine homes are old and wise and overlook the waterfront in the South End.  I shot this series at F/16, bringing the clarity of the shots and the depth of field to a level that I don’t always feature here at The Daily Portsmouth.  I’ve been waiting to feature this profile for a very long time….but I’ve shot them time and time again without any remarkable results. The wide angle approach I’d been taking at the widest end of my 24-105mm lens, and I didn’t have the symmetry I usually like – and it was too broad with the color range.  The moody grey/blue of the sky was a great complement to the rich historic yellow and the vibrant red of the home next door.  I love that you get the feel of the street from looking at the angle the houses are facing along with the flow of the rooflines and the crispness of the clapboards.  It’d be amazing to watch the river traffic from one of these homes, and to get some great shots from the other side of the walls. Until then, I’ll just admire the view I can afford.