Warm Sunrise | Cold Sunset

The shots aren’t quite polar opposites, but they are coastal opposites.  The shot above was taken on the shore of South Beach in Miami on a warm morning just as first light made its way onto the atlantic coast, probably in the high 60s…and the shot below was taken on the shore of Rye Beach late in the afternoon after a major northeastern snow storm moved past the coast (dropping fresh snow) with temperatures probably in the low teens.  What I’m sure of is the fact that the ocean is mesmerizing regardless of where you’re watching it from, with its sheer immensity laughing off my presence.

Winterscape | At Water's Edge

The beach is a wonderful place.  I find it a bit more wonderful when it’s not incredibly overwhelming with hundreds of people and cars making their way through town.  This winter scene is from the waterfront at low tide with the peaceful homes on the oceanfront standing watch over the intense winter weather…and all the people when they return.

Sunrise | Fort Foster

And so another week begins.  And as each work week begins with a Monday…each day starts with a sunrise.  I was glad to witness this gorgeous sunrise at Fort Foster in Kittery, Maine…with some nice waves as high tide rolled in with the day.  It’s really something else to witness the first rays of light creep over the horizon.

Waterfront Vistas

Today I’ll feature two photos – taken mere minutes apart, with a feel so different that you might not believe they were both taken on the same planet (nevermind on the same beach a few feet away).

The first photo was shot later in the evening once the sun had nearly fully retreated for the day.  The photo below was taken earlier in the evening, as I was struck by the interesting patterns the outgoing tide was creating in the sand.  It was a gorgeous night with all sorts of great colors in the sky and a nice serene feeling, which I think you can get in each photo despite their drastically different results.

The Marginal Way | Ogunquit, Maine

Spring is officially around the corner (I don’t want to stretch too far and say it’s here – and then end up with a blizzard)!  On Saturday I ventured up to Ogunquit for a stroll along the Marginal Way with one very special lady.  We had a perfect sunny afternoon, and I was happy to have some sunshine and warmth as a birthday gift.  Here are a couple shots from the coastline during the late afternoon…I will definitely be heading back!

Also – a huge thank you to Fotomoto.com for making me the featured artist for March 7th!

Here’s the original shot:

Sunset in Rye

It was beautiful on the seacoast this weekend, reaching almost 50 degrees on Saturday.  I had a good time shooting, and worked on my first portrait assignment…more to follow on that later this week.  I made sure to visit a few spots throughout the weekend, as I’ll be sending the camera in for repair this week and will be without for a few days.  I’ll be featuring shots from this weekend, and some of the greatest hits from the past year. Today, I hope you enjoy the beautiful sunset from Sunday night, taken along the Rye coastline (in very windy, cold air!).


Untitled from Philip Cohen on Vimeo.

Nubble Lighthouse | York, Maine

For today’s post, we travel a bit further up the seacoast to York, Maine.  It’s here that the Cape Neddick “Nubble” Lighthouse was built in 1879 off the rocky coast.

The lighthouse stands at 41′ atop the island, with an overall focal plane at 88′ above sea level.  This place is hopping throughout the summer with both tourists and locals who are looking for a taste of New England scenery, and makes a quieter and colder destination in the late winter months.

Print available for purchase here:  PHILIPCASECOHEN.COM