Commercial Alley

Another one of Portsmouth’s gems is the brick pathway that connects Market Street with Penhallow Street, which is known as Commercial Alley.  The richness of all of the brick tones along with the unique trees and signage for the merchants along the alley make this a distinctively unique location.

Commercial Alley 2012

Portsmouth is a very interesting place, for many reasons.  One of the interesting aspects is how a particular street evolves over time, with an ever-changing list of tenants and various hanging street signs as people move around, close, etc.  Commercial Alley is one of the most beautiful nooks in town, and it’s had an influx of new tenants in the past couple years – as you can see by the mostly new hanging signs.

CAVA | Commercial Alley

Commercial Alley is one of my favorite nooks in Portsmouth.  Tucked away inside are several interesting retail shops, and Cava – a delicious tapas and wine bar.  Cava has lush hanging gardens on the side of their building and an incredibly inviting outdoor area.  I tend to forget about this outdoor space all winter long, and during a nice walk around town the other day, I noticed the hanging gardens once again and it got me excited for spring and things to come.

Art Around Town at Kennedy Gallery, March 2nd

I’m excited to announce that on Friday, March 2nd, I will be having a show at The Kennedy Gallery on Market Street (across from the Portsmouth Brewery/at the corner of Commercial Alley)!  This has been a very fun project to work on, as I haven’t had a show in quite some time due to the full schedule I’ve had in the past year.  My wife and I started the process of editing a ridiculous amount of images down to the ones that would make the cut for the show – as you can see in the photo above. 

The show will feature scenes from the New Hampshire and Maine seacoasts, with some of my favorite shots.  This will be the first time that nearly all of the shots have been in a show, with a few special images of the Memorial Bridge to commemorate its deconstruction.  I hope to see you there!

Traffic on Market Street

I enjoyed a nice walk around Portsmouth earlier in the week, with some great early evening light and traffic.  This week marked the return of warmer weather…very early in the season (before spring officially started!), with Saturday being one of the busiest days downtown that I can remember.  The light streaks seen in the shot above are from the Coast Bus traveling up Market Street before stopping at the Congress Street stop in front of Starbucks. It made for some great light streaks in an otherwise beautiful and quiet scene.

Commercial Alley | Portsmouth, NH

Commercial Alley splits Penhallow St. and Market Street in downtown Portsmouth, NH.  This shot taking early in the evening has three of Portsmouth’s hanging signs.  For a night shot of the scene, visit HERE.