The Commercial Fishing Fleet

One of the key parts of Portsmouth’s working waterfront is the fishing fleet that makes its home at the commercial fish pier off Peirce Island.  It’s pretty neat seeing the boats all stacked up sideways on the pier, maximizing the space.  I’ve mostly featured the other side of the pier as seen from Prescott Park – but I like the different vantage point and the moody and muted colors of the scene.

3 Kings | Commercial Fishing Pier

Portsmouth’s Working Waterfront is full of boats of all sizes.  Mostly, I tend to feature freighters and tugboats, but let’s not forget about the fishermen who call the Commercial Fish Pier their home.  We’re lucky to have people fishing out of our port, bringing fresh catches back to our restaurants and markets daily.  Let’s hope they’re here for a long time to come.

After the Rain | Peirce Island

Let’s start the week on a dramatic note.  One of the things I love about storms, is that when they move through at just the right time, it leaves a window of incredible moodiness and drama while the sun sets or rises…with a great cloud cover, some open sky, and wonderful layers of light. This shot from Peirce Island overlooks the Commercial Fish Pier and a setting sun on the horizon.

Dusk at the Fish Pier

I felt like I’d been neglecting Prescott Park lately so I made a point to head down this past week.  I ended up spending nearly all my time on one of the piers…and I didn’t quite mind that I didn’t do much other shooting, the pastel colors of the sky were so interesting.  I also love this scene – it seems like there’s always a different array of boats, and I’m drawn to the reflection of the evening lights on the water.

Twilight at the Commercial Fish Pier

After a subtle sunset on Thursday evening I went for a walk around the South End.  I strolled up onto the bridge to see what light might be lingering over the water and the commercial fishing fleet that makes its home at the Commercial Fish Pier.  It was a gorgeous evening with some nice blues and a hint of pink in the sky.

I was so impressed with the Carl Zeiss 18mm lens that I rented last time, that I rented it again before a trip into New York City on Saturday.  The colors are so rich and the scenery so sharp that I had to see what it could do in some new scenes.  I’ll be featuring more Zeiss shots through the next week….hope you enjoy!

The Lonely Pier

Sunrise from the Commercial Fish Pier.  The sun is just about to make its first appearance for the day as seen over Four Tree Island from the Commercial Fish Pier.  I thought this quiet and empty dock was quite interesting in the morning’s calm…before any fishermen showed up to make use of it throughout the day.  I particularly liked the post at the end of the pier against the illuminated water…with the glow of the sun behind the trees in the distance.

1/2 ton at the Fish Pier

I’m not entirely sure what this crane contraption is used for – but I imagine it’s used for unloading the local catch…which I think is very cool.  We’re fortunate to have a robust local fishing economy – though I’ve been reading it’s getting harder and harder for them to remain in business.  I love having guests in town and taking them out to one of our many great restaurants…where there’s plenty of fresh seafood to be had.  I’m curious what the actual breakdown of local fish vs. non-local…but in any event, it’s delicious and I think the Commercial Fish Pier is one of the coolest spots in town.  It was also pretty awesome to have the tall ships docked there earlier this year!

Sunrise at the Fish Pier

I took advantage of being up in time for sunrise on Saturday…meeting up with Chris Lazzery to see what we could find with the early morning light.  We ventured down on the Commercial Fish Pier to get some shots of the Memorial Bridge and see what was waiting in the wide expanse of sky visible from the spot.  Here’s the first flavor of what’s to come from the set of shots we grabbed…happy to take advantage of the lobster traps that were sitting idle on the pier with the incredibly lit clouds looming overhead.