Market Square at Sunset

This is probably one of the last few evenings where the traffic (pedestrian and vehicular) will be nearly nonexistent in Market Square at 6:45 in the evening.  I love how the light peeks over the tops of the buildings along Congress Street to mark the North Church clocktower and the buildings on the opposite side of the street.

Congress Street Corridor

The Congress Street corridor is a great spot to watch the light change during various points of the day.  During the winter, the late day sunlight streaks across Congress Street, barely reaching the Breaking New Grounds building in Market Square.  In this shot of the mid-afternoon, the North Church and the square enjoy some direct sunlight while the buildings on either side of the street create a claustrophobic view up the hill.

'Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas | (In Market Square)

Portsmouth has been busy with the holidays fast approaching – with hardly a parking space to be found. It’s been nice to see downtown so busy with people from all over shopping, eating, parking, and generally being merry.  A very Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy Chanukah & New Year  to all.  Thanks for tuning in – hope everyone enjoys some quality time with their family and friends.

Congress Street | Decked out for the Holidays

I love that Portsmouth spends a lot of time and energy decorating for the holidays.  Wreaths are mounted on all the street lighting, creating appealing tunnels of light at night, and the tree in Market Square is a favorite for many – I know because every time I drive/walk past, there is someone snapping a photo.  Happy Holidays to all!

Memories | The Portsmouth Baking Company

The Portsmouth Baking Company will always hold a special place in my heart and stomach. The place was drop dead gorgeous, the food was excellent – and the cupcakes delicious.  Thanks to Harvey & Co. for bringing this little spot to Portsmouth along with all its treats.  You will be missed.  I’m looking forward to hearing about the new venture that makes its way into the former PBC home.

Congress Street Arrows

The elevation change on Congress Street isn’t always noticeable.  I usually find myself enjoying the view when I’m heading across the crosswalk at the lower portion of the street at the Fleet Street intersection, and whenever I have my camera I’m sure to capture the moment.  I loved the crystal clear blue skies and wispy clouds hanging out over Market Square.  The arrows that lead the way for drivers are getting worn out, but I always enjoy when arrows can lead a viewer through a frame of a photo.

On Congress Street

The fall weather is here. After a few days of seemingly non-stop rain, the sun finally made its way into the sky. A nice orange glow reached above the buildings on lower Congress Street to touch the Popovers building, the North Church, and Breaking New Grounds in the distance. You’ll also notice that the sidewalks are a bit more empty than you’re probably used to seeing them, as people are back to school and probably spending more time inside than out.


Looking Up at The North Church

The North Church is one of the most photographed landmarks in Portsmouth.  It’s easy to see why, it’s beautiful, striking, easily identifiable (from all of Portsmouth), it captures light in a hundred different ways depending on the time of day, cloud cover, etc.  It’s been a fun challenge of mine to shoot it in as many different interesting ways as possible.  It’s so tall, that every time I walk nearby I find myself magnetized to looking up.  This shot is no exception, and I went with a dramatic black & white processing to give it a distinct feel.

The Portsmouth Baking Company

One of the many great things about Portsmouth is the abundance of delicious options to eat & drink.  This spring/summer, Congress Street welcomed a new establishment in the Worth Block – The Portsmouth Baking Company.  It took me a while to finally make it inside, but once I did – I instantly knew this place was something special. The design inside is simply beautiful.  I had peeked inside a couple times this past week, and was surprised to see a flat screen TV with a live feed to the bakery visible from the street.  It’s a neat feature that allows people to see what’s going on in the kitchen as the staff makes the delicious bread.

The massive wooden table at center in the shot above is a sight to behold.  The seating along the wall towards the front is comfy with a unique patterned fabric.  Every little detail has been carefully thought through.  To top it all off, there is an overhead train that brings fresh bread samples from the kitchen in the back to the massive cupboard in the front, so that patrons can try the multitude of offerings.  The fact that their cupcakes are delicious and ridiculously tempting solidifies this as a must visit location, so head on over and see for yourself.

The Music Hall Loft | Congress Street

I had the great pleasure of photographing a few of the attendees and the gorgeous venue of The Music Hall Loft in their first event in a new series dubbed “Digital Portsmouth”.  I’d never been inside before, but it features an intimate theater, a cool bar, beautiful photos of musicians and performers adorning the modern build out of the entrance.

Attendees of the event, organized by NH Tweet Up and The Music Hall, it featured speakers from Raka Creative, Vital Design and Leah Creates.  I enjoyed hearing a bit about each firm’s recent work and specialties…looking forward to more events. Kudos to all who worked to put it together!