Creole Miss | Working on The Bridge

The Creole Miss of Riverside and Pickering Marine is working on the early demolition of the Memorial Bridge on a sunny winter afternoon.  This view will be an ever changing scene for the next year and a half…and this site provides an opportunity to watch it all unfold: – I highly recommend watching the time lapse of the day’s activity.

Looking forward to documenting the evolution of the bridge’s demise and reconstruction.

The Creole Miss

The Creole Miss is a tugboat not often affiliated with Portsmouth, NH, but it’s a Portsmouth, NH tugboat nonetheless.  The 55′ tugboat belongs to Riverside and Pickering Marina of Eliot, ME.  If you’re lucky enough, you’ll catch it cruising along the Piscataqua and you’ll probably wonder why the maroon tugboat isn’t maroon (like me)…but I’d love to see this docked with the Moran Towing tugs.  It certainly helps bring more color to the working waterfront.

Be sure to see another angle of this sunrise shot HERE – featuring the Harbor Place dock and the Middle and Piscataqua River bridges in the distance.

A Piscataqua River Morning


The sunrise illuminates the sky above the Middle (Sarah Long) and the Piscataqua River Bridges over the Piscataqua River as the early morning light hits the bricks of Harbor Place.  The special guest is the Creole Miss, a distinctively blue tugboat that makes its home here in Portsmouth, NH.

Another shot below with a more vintage feel and some different processing: