Moonrise at The Lake

Everyone loves a full moon.  When it begins to rise just over the horizon, it can look almost otherworldly and huge as it hovers over our landscapes.  We were lucky to have nearly a full moon when out west, but I almost equally love the tiny sliver of a crescent moon as the monthly cycle begins again.  It’s always a treat when the moon has been missing for a few days then out of nowhere you surprise yourself and catch the tiny slice somewhere in the sky.  I happened to notice the moon yesterday as it was rising and headed towards some interesting stuff to try and get a few good shots at Rockland Lake in New York.

These were also taken with the 100mm Hasselblad lens, and the shot below was interesting to me as the foreground elements are sharp as a tack while the background falls off into a nice soft texture.

The Green Door on Ladd Street & The Sides of the Steeple

Today’s post features a glimpse of an alleyway on Ladd Street, found next to the UBS office and its neighbor, a brick building (with a white painted face) that appears to house Moe’s (yes, the famous sandwich Moe’s) HQ in Portsmouth.  I love all the bricks nestled in the little alleyway, highlighted by the green door in the distance.

Also, in contrast to the bright morning shot above, here are two very different takes of the North Church from the past week. The first shot was taken during the most snowy part of Tuesday night’s storm, while the second shot was taken on Friday evening – beautiful & simple and complimented by the crescent moon in the night sky.