The Last Day of the Memorial Lift Span

Tomorrow will include photos of the lift span being floated out – but for now I wanted to share two shots of the flurry of activity that had to happen in order for the span to be floated out in the first place. The first shot above features two workers hurriedly screwing something onto one of the barge towers that will help secure the 2 million pound lift span. The shot below is a serene capture of the Cape Cod barge at rest with the early morning light reflecting the scene in the rich blue water of the Piscataqua.

Black & White Memorial Sunset

While I was scouting out good spots to watch the lift span float out of the Memorial Bridge, I decided to head over to Four Tree Island for a nice head on shot.  The wind was sharp and my hands were absolutely frozen, but a nice long exposure with a fascinating cloud movement made for a worthy image. Hard to imagine that in a few days this view will never be the same.  I’m looking forward to some action shots with the barge carrying the bridge – but until then some scenic shots will have to do the trick.