Some subtle colors amidst the fog at Perkins Cove in Ogunquit, Maine.

Morning View of the Memorial Bridge

This week’s series features the Memorial Bridge.  I’ve often shot the bridge from this little corner of Prescott Park, but it wasn’t until the lighting accentuated the scene in this way that I appreciated the angles that the dock presented.  I love the leading line of the last portion of the dock and how it points the way upriver. This wide angle view captures both the marina on the Kittery side of the bridge as well as Harbour Place on the Portsmouth side.  Soon there will be a complementary brick warehouse looking building on the near side of the Memorial (or its replacement), at the site of the former Pier II restaurant.

From The Docks at Prescott Park

I’d been down to this set of public docks before – but never had I lucked out with such an interesting sunset over the Memorial Bridge, with enough daylight to make it a shot worth capturing and sharing.  I love the numbers on the dock, and the fact that it’s still pretty quiet without too many boats tied up on the various spots…save for the bigger ones across the water here.  Hope you enjoy this one – it’s one of my favorites from my walk on Monday evening.

The Peirce Island Boat Ramp

Today’s post poses a question, to HDR or not to HDR?  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and I’ve begun to use the abbreviation as a verb with friends & family as we joke about the process (which uses multiple exposures overlaid on top of each other to reach a broader dynamic light range)….but as you can tell from scrolling through the website, it’s something that I truly enjoy doing – as I find that it’s similar to the darkroom black & white processing I learned to do in college.  The digital post processing is still the romantic part to me (although shooting the scene is still most important), where it is up to you to create your vision.  I use it mostly to try and replicate what I saw with my eyes when I was taking the photos.  A single exposure often feels too flat to me, still beautiful – but short of the memory I have of the particular scene/experience.

To serve as an example, I’ve posted two versions of one of my all-time favorite images – the sunrise shot taken of the Peirce Island Boat Ramp.  The first is the “HDR” version, while the image below is nearly “out of the camera” with minimal additional tweaking.  Regardless – it was clearly a beautiful scene, but I’m curious to hear – which do you prefer?

Beneath the Memorial | Piscataqua River

The deteriorating underbelly of the Memorial Bridge that spans the Piscataqua River, linking Portsmouth and Kittery, highlights the urgency of the 86-year-old bridge’s needed repairs.  It’s currently at the top of New Hampshire’s red list for bridges, and even more importantly, was listed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as one of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.  The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard across the river looks surreal in the glow of the evening’s setting sun.  Wish I had a boat of my own I could keep at the dock too.

Full size here:  FLICKR